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Founded by three Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients, Rad Power Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer offering direct to consumer pricing on electric bikes that are designed by our team in Seattle. Because we sell direct to you, the consumer, you won't see the large retail markup that would be present if you were buying from a third party, ensuring you're always getting the best deal on your electric bike!

Shop online worldwide or visit our Seattle electric bike shop where you can learn all about ebike technology, test ride our bikes, and join us in helping jump start the electric bike revolution! 

Why buying direct saves YOU money!

Customer Stories

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Bike Routes in the USA’s 5 Bike Friendliest Cities

January 10, 2017

Every city is wonderful in its own way. Each has its own distinct personality, culture, and identity that separates it from the rest, leaving its mark on our great country. While no city can be definitively labeled “the best” as everyone’s needs and tastes are a little different, these five cities are standouts for their bicycle infrastructure. They are leading the charge for more bike-friendly living by building bike-specific amenities and safety features, having businesses catering to bicyclists, and offering incentives for people to ditch their cars and go green. This list is not inclusive as there are many awesome bike routes in every city, but here are some of the best bike routes you can enjoy in the USA’s...

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Rad Power Bikes Cofounders named to Forbes 30 Under 30

January 03, 2017

We are extremely excited to announce that today Forbes has named the three cofounders of Rad Power Bikes (Mike Radenbaugh, Ty Collins, and Marimar White-Espin) winners of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 award in Manufacturing & Industry for 2017! Some of the other winners for this award include engineers from Tesla, robotics programmers, and visionaries in safety and health care, so it’s both an honor and humbling knowing that three friends building electric bikes has grown to be one of the most influential ebike companies around. We want to thank the judges for voting for us, but we most importantly want to thank our community of bike owners for giving us the drive to continually push the world of...

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