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How Many Miles Will a RadRover Electric Fat Bike Go on a Charge?

There are a lot of factors that come in to play when deciding which electric bike you should purchase. Speed, comfort, functionality, overall RADness, and more are all important, but one of the most important factors that most future ebike owners will want to know is, "how many miles will it go on a charge?"

Ultimately, miles per charge is just as important and miles per gallon when deciding on what car to purchase. Knowing that you very well might be wondering this very thing, we put together this infographic to help show you what type of mileage you can expect on your RadRover based on three key elements:

  1. Your size
  2. Your terrain
  3. Your riding style


Now that you have an idea about how far you'll be able to ride, all that's next is for you to pick up your RadRover electric fat bike and to start planning your next adventure!

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Ty Collins
Ty Collins