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5 Advantages of an Electric Bike in the City

Cities are generally thought of for accommodating cars, but, in recent years, more cities are developing alternative transportation infrastructure, especially for bikes. Making the change from driving your car to riding a bike can be intimidating, but we have 5 reasons why riding an electric bike in the city is advantageous. Let go of your unhealthy clingy relationship with your car and say hello to the freedom of an ebike!

5 Advantages of an Electric Bike in the City

1. No More Parking Headaches

If you’re spending more than 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot, you’re doing it wrong. In cities bike parking is rampant and there’s always a place to lock-up your bike feet from your destination. If you’re looking for covered parking, check with parking garages, many offer bike parking. Did we mention bike parking is free, no more carrying pockets full of loose change or rushing to beat the meter, no crippling fear of getting a parking ticket, and no more parking restrictions that don’t allow you to park on days that end in “Y”.

2. No More Traffic

Do red brake lights ignite an unhealthy negative reaction? Do you put your life on hold by waiting until after rush hour to go out or commute home? If the answer is yes, it’s time to switch to an electric bike. With an electric bike you can take advantage of your community’s bike paths that are designed to make biking easy, efficient, and fast. Fall in love with bike lanes as you buzz by a long line of idling cars. Navigate through unexpected traffic so you can get home faster and use that extra time for yourself.

 3. Save Money

Before you pay off your car, chances are you put way more money into it with registration fees, gas, and maintenance. However, electric bikes are low maintenance, only cost cents to charge (unless you have solar, then it’s practically free!) and if it’s under 20mph you don’t have to register it. Say goodbye to unpredictable gas prices that eat into your savings and hello to the affordability of electricity. 

4. Simplify your lifestyle

Welcome to the simple life of ebiking. Instead of lugging around a car full of items you think you might need through out your day, you become more conscious of the things you truly need. A backseat full of stuff can be condensed to a backpack. You become more organized, and less burdened by clutter. 

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Riding an electric bike basically makes you an environmental super hero. Cities experience higher levels of air pollution with thousands of cars on the roads each day. The average car emits 271 grams per 1 kilometer (0.6lbs per 1.6 miles) while, depending on your city's source of energy, an electric bike emits 22 grams per 1 kilometer (.05lbs per 1.6 miles). Just switching to an electric bike one day a week can have a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions.

Ready to get riding?!

If this sounds like the life for you, or you think it could be, get started on your commute with a RadRover electric fat bike or RadWagon electric cargo bike!

Marimar White-Espin
Marimar White-Espin