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Why the 250W ebike is taking Europe by storm

Rad riders in the EU can now choose between a 250W and 750W RadRhino.

Let’s begin with a quick terminology review. A “watt” is a unit of power. They can be used to measure the instantaneous power output of a machine, such as the motor on an ebike. 


You probably already knew that, but what you may not have known is that sometimes, when it comes to power, less can actually be more — especially if you live in the European Union.


The top 10 most bike friendly cities in the world are found in Europe, with the Netherlands being the undisputed ebike capital of the world. (Not to brag, but the Netherlands is also the home of our EU showroom in Utrecht!)


Naturally, with such an emphasis on a cycling infrastructure, millions of Europeans fill their cities’ bike trails for their daily commute. 


But with great numbers, come great regulations.


Unlike in the U.S., many EU residents are required to register their ebikes, obtain driving licenses, and pay a road tax if they use a 750W motor, which comes standard with most Class 2 ebikes sold in the U.S.


However, if the ebike relies on a 250W motor, it’s a different story. Those riders don’t need to apply for registration or a license, nor do they have to pay additional taxes.


This, in part, explains the popularity of 250W bikes throughout Europe.


With that in mind, we recently released the 250W RadRhino in the EU to meet this demand, offering it for €100 less than the 750W RadRhino.



The Breakdown



While there are power and price differences between the two RadRhino models, there are still plenty of similarities.


Both the 250W and 750W ebikes give you 80 Nm of torque to get you to a top speed of 25 km/h in no time. 


Each of the two models also use a 48V 14 Ah battery pack that gives riders an estimated range of 40-72+ km.


What it all boils down to is how you ride. 


Where you will feel the extra power of a 750W motor the most is when traveling uphill, especially off road. 


In contrast, when you hit a major incline, the 250W motor is really going to have to work to pull you up. 


Of course, if you don’t mind pedaling a bit harder up hills, plan on riding on mainly traveling across level terrain, or are even just looking to save a little money, then the 250W might just be your cup of tea.


So ... what suits you best? Here are both RadRhino models. Not in the EU? We have the RadRover available in the U.S. and Canada.



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