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Who We Are

Since building our first ebike prototypes back in 2007, we've been on a mission to design, build, and support high-quality, feature-rich, affordable ebikes for the masses. We strive to provide the best experience for our entire community of ebike owners through exceptional support, expert staff, and thoughtful design.

We are a group of dedicated ebike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology. Headquartered in beautiful Seattle, Washington, we design all of our bikes in-house and provide 100% U.S. based customer support.

What Differentiates Us

We are a consumer direct business, meaning we intentionally forgo the traditional bicycle distribution channel of third-party dealers and retailers. This enables us to provide you premium ebikes for almost half the cost of comparable ebikes you can purchase from a traditional bike shop.

We understand what it takes to provide great customer service and support to keep your bike running at its best. In addition to our online store where you can buy individual replacement parts and accessories, we have full-time Customer Experience and Technical Support teams who are here to answer any questions you may have, regardless of where you are in the buying process.

Forbes 30 Under 30, 2017

One of Entrepreneur's Best Entrepreneurial Companies, 2017

Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30, 2017

  • Mike Radenbaugh
    President & CEO

    Ever since his first ebike build, Mike has been focused on developing functional, fun, and exciting electric transportation products that help educate and excite consumers. An avid ebiker, Mike’s personal fleet of electric bikes ranges from a 50 MPH 100.8V electric downhill bike to a high speed electric recumbent trike.

  • Ty Collins

    From the moment Ty rode his first ebike, he knew it was the transportation of the future and wanted to share it with the masses. His agency experience has versed him in all of the latest trends in digital marketing, from data-driven to growth hacking, demand generation to thought leadership. Ty is constantly striving to maximize campaigns and win.

  • Phil Babcock
    Operations Coordinator

    Phil is very excited to be back in his native Washington after a six year stint in Boston. He is an avid motorcyclist and recently rode his DR650 cross country. He also enjoys baking, camping, playing music, and taking the ferry to work.

  • Derek Baker
    Ebike Mechanic

    Derek has been playing with bikes of all shapes and sizes for most of his life. To him, there is no greater joy than seeing someone he helped happily riding a bike.

  • Kepler Barnhart
    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Kepler calls Memphis, TN home but has loved every inch of the PNW since moving to Seattle in 2018 with his wife Gabrielle. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, while in school he found his passion for riding and working on bikes. Kepler feels most alive on top of a mountain, playing piano, or finishing a really good sandwich. 

  • Dennis Boot
    Ebike Mechanic

    Dennis Boot is a Commercial and Economics student, living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In addition to his studies, Dennis works at Rad Power Bikes for a couple hours a week, and he really likes it!

  • Anida Bouttirath
    Technical Support Specialist

    As a recent graduate from the University of Arizona, Anida Bouttirath is seeking new experiences in electrical engineering, specifically in product development and design. She’s also new to Seattle and a ramen enthusiast in search of the perfect bowl of soup.

  • Bram
    Shop Dog
  • Becca Brocard
    Retail Specialist
  • Dylan Butterfass
    Field Marketing Specialist

    Originally from Minnesota, Dylan moved to the PNW in early 2018 and hasn't looked back. Since moving, he has taken advantage of WA's beautiful nature by hiking and climbing whenever possible. Biking has always been a passion of his, and his RadCity has been his primary source of transportation since starting at RPB. 

  • Jules Caruso
    Inventory Coordinator

    Jules is a Pittsburgh native and an MBA student at Seattle Pacific University. He has an adventurous spirit and a passion for traveling; he toured the country while living out of his vintage trailer for nearly 3 months. Along with being known for putting french fries on his sandwiches, he is an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and hiker. Jules' life motto is "always good!"

  • Evan Douglas
    Events and Biz Dev Coordinator

    Evan moved to Seattle after attending St. Cloud State University for Communication Studies in Minnesota. When he was there he worked in multiple bikes shops and led mountain biking trips for the school. On the weekends you can find him rock climbing or backpacking in the North Cascade Mountains. Evan also understands that while tacos are good, burritos have to be the better option!

  • Reed Draper
    Retail Specialist

    Reed has been enjoying Seattle for a few years now, after moving here from Bellingham. He is always open to talk comics, brewery trivia nights, and documentary films!

  • Candace Ferguson
    Director of Supply Chain

    I'm a fun loving, passionate and driven supply chain professional with a background in operations & logistics management spanning 20yrs across multiple industries. I'm excited about working together to build processes & systems that lay the foundation for continued growth.

  • Joe Flynn
    Customer Experience Supervisor

    A native of Minneapolis, MN Joe grew up on wheels. He has been in Seattle for the last eight years after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. Biking, skiing and disc golf keep Joe busy in his free time. Favorite food? It has to be tacos!

  • Paden Gould
    Technical Support Specialist

    After visiting Seattle year after year from neighboring Idaho, the smell of the lush rainforest, the scent of saltwater, the tantalizing glaciated peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges, and the constantly refreshing climate, finally trapped him for good.

  • Christian Gundlach
    Technical Support Specialist

    Christian is a St. Louis native who went to Case Western Reserve University for Mechanical Engineering, and just recently made the move to Seattle. His background in engineering and IT work lends itself perfectly to helping customers get best experience possible with their bikes. When not at work, he enjoys biking around this brand new city and playing online games with his friends across the country.

  • Ralph Hagelaar
    Retail Specialist

    Ralph has lived in Utrecht for a couple years. At the age of 8, he went on his first bikepacking trip through The Netherlands together with his family. At that time the only assist while cycling was an occasional WOOOSHYY from his dad. Since then he became addicted to cycling, outdoor sports, and travelling. From being a rickshaw rider in Melbourne to ice skating on Dutch frozen lakes, this guy is never bored and likes to discover new things in life. One of his latest outdoor experiences is walking a high-line in between two cliffs.

  • Daniel Henderson
    Canadian Business Director

    A proud Canadian through-and-through, Daniel grew up traveling the world as the son of a Diplomat. The woods are his church, and he can often be found stuffing food into his mouth between stages of his Enduro mountain bike races. Conversationally fluent in Mandarin, he once guest-starred on a Chinese TV show while studying in China. He strives for Kaizen in his daily life; resisting the plateau of arrested development and chasing a state of flow in life and business.

  • Isa Hutchinson
    Ebike Mechanic

    Isa finds a special joy while biking, and a mindful quality in bicycles. When he is not thinking seriously about bikes, Isa loves to cook, read, and enjoy the vast natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

  • Matt Jameson
    Senior Developer

    Internet developer by trade, I was born and raised in Vancouver, I'm a die-hard Canucks fan, and I spend my free time on the slopes or in the surf. I did the GranFondo to Whistler once; while I was grinding up one of the many many hills, some jerk passed me on a fixie... Ever since, I've dreamt of owning an electric bike.

  • Ben Kern
    Technical Support Specialist

    A native of Nashville, TN, Ben has been steadily moving North and West ever since. He attended school in Colorado for Economics and History, with stops in Maine and Chicago. Then after two summers commercially fishing on Bristol Bay in Alaska, Ben settled in Seattle as the farthest Northwest he could go and the best blend of civilization and wild nature.

  • Liz Kernes
    HR & Recruiting Manager

    Originally from the midwest, Liz has worked and studied around the world on her journey to Rad. Prior to moving to Seattle, Liz earned her Masters in Human Resources Management at King’s College London. Outside of Rad, Liz spends her time pretending to know how to SUP and cycle. She is also currently teaching her dog Winston how to be a nose work dog (to help earn his keep).

  • Brett Kiah
    Finance Manager

    Brett grew up on the East Coast but has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest over the last few years. He enjoys camping and hiking with his dog, Auri. He is also an avid reader, sports fan, and video gamer. His employment experience includes public accounting and investment management, which he uses to oversee and direct the financial growth of Rad Power Bikes.

  • Robin Kilshaw
    Retail Specialist

    Robin was born on an apple orchard banking onto the Okanagan lake in British Columbia. She is an avid hiker, peanut butter connoisseur and lover of Scandinavian crime shows. Robin has been working in customer service in one form or another since her first job working at a horse stable in 2008. She enjoys chatting with anyone who drops by the Vancouver retail store, especially if it means hearing about all the cool places people have taken their Rad bikes.

  • Luke Kipnis
    Customer Experience Specialist

    Luke is another Seattle native. An avid ambassador to the PNW he loves being able to share all his experiences and tips for where to find the best eats, trails, lakes and runs down the snow-filled slopes. In his free time, he can be found locked in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, cooking, or locked in an online competitive game

  • Arison Knapp
    Service Advisor

    Hometown kid from Seattle, Arison watched our city grow up with him. His love for bicycles started young after watching the famous 1980’s BMX movie RAD. After graduating, he studied at Oregon’s United Bicycle Institute. Blending his background from real estate and automotive industries with bicycles he’s ready to match your lifestyle to a RAD ride! When he isn’t at work he can be found restoring classic European road bikes.

  • Korey Krotzer
    Field Marketing Specialist

    Originally from Buckley, WA, Korey ran cross country and track at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. He likes running, cycling, swimming, skateboarding, snowboarding, fishing, and backpacking. He has three brothers and one sister whose names also begin with the letter "K." It's adorable.

  • Teun Kruijff
    Customer Experience Specialist

    Teun, an Utrecht native. Has a background in sports and the cycling industry, was a non-believer of e-bikes until that cold day in October ‘17, when he rode the RadRhino as part of the hiring process at Rad Power Bikes. If customers ask, if the assembly of our bikes is difficult, he consequently responds with: “even I can do it, and I can barely change my punctured tire”.Teun is so in love with his favorite country France, that he married it.

  • Kula
    Shop Dog

    Kula is always up for a game of fetch and loves a good stick to run around with. Kula is still getting the hang of not being a puppy anymore and is not great at going up/down stairs.

  • Danielle Lamp
    Retail Specialist

    Working on the creative/photography side in the advertising industry has given Danielle a great appreciation for a great story and Rad Power Bikes is exactly that. On a personal note, Danielle loves photography, traveling, cooking and eating, and anything to do with the beach! 

  • Keenan Leary
    Customer Experience Specialist

    Keenan completed his bachelor's in cognitive science from Occidental College last spring where he ran cross country and track. He just finished supporting a bike ride across America, loves to read, and is a low-key podcast host and DJ.

  • Olaf (Blake) Lee
    Ebike Assembler
  • True Loan
    Technical Support Specialist

    A local from Bremerton, True loves all things electronic and pacific northwest related. In his free time, True is busy sailing the sound, getting Victory Royales, and making quadcopter drones.

    "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." -  Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott - True Loan

  • Kagen Luedemann
    Post-Sales Support Specialist

    Kagen is your classic midwesterner (Ohio) and will probably say ope and pop quite often. He is a pretty relaxed person, enjoys conversation, and is very excited to work at Rad!

  • Nina Mallery
    Receptionist & Office Admin

    Nina is new to Seattle as of the beginning of 2018. She is originally from Connecticut, but has hopped around the US and Europe since finishing her bachelors in art history at DePaul in Chicago. Nina enjoys traveling to new places and exploring her new PNW city when she has the time, and trying to cook new recipes when at home.

  • Sarah McGarvey
    Staff Accountant

    Growing up on the West Coast, Sarah has a great appreciation for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, and has a passion for movement and living a healthy lifestyle. After going to college and working in Chattanooga, Sarah is excited to be back in Seattle and is eager to apply her strong background in finance and accounting to the growing ebike industry.

  • Shane Menzimer
    Retail Specialist

    Shane is a lifelong Washington resident. He enjoys watching movies, trying new foods and traveling to foreign countries. He's also currently getting his Bachelor's degree in Design from Lake Washington Tech.

  • Ben Morse
    Technical Support Specialist

    A Philadelphia native, Ben moved to Seattle via Austin, Texas to take advantage of all the great outdoors the Pacific Northwest has to offer! He is excited to be at home in such a beautiful part of the world.

  • Dan Nelson
    Customer Experience Specialist

    Another Minnesota transplant, Dan made the long trek halfway across the country to settle in Seattle in June 2017. Along with a car-full of belongings, Dan has brought his love of all Minnesota sports; Skol Vikings! Dan is excited to explore the mountains, the beautiful forests, and the wonders of the Puget Sound & the ocean. An outdoor enthusiast at heart, he cannot wait to experience what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

  • Josh O'Malley
    Assembly & Service Manager

    Josh recently moved from the home of Harley Davidson to the home of Rad Power Bikes. His love for everything two wheels started at a young age as a means of freedom and adventure. The majority of his professional career was spent on a manufacturing floor in diverse leadership roles with an emphasis on 5S and lean process improvements. When Josh isn’t thinking about best practices in the workplace, he’s enjoying life in the PNW.

  • Emily Ott
    Technical Writer

    Emily is a recent transplant from Florida and has enjoyed sharing alligator attack survival tips with the team. Her background in non-formal adult education and encouraging pro-environmental behaviors makes her a great addition. When she's not providing excellent customer service, Emily can be found exploring new trails by hike or by bike. She also loves to play soccer, practices Tai Chi, and thinks cilantro is delicious.

  • Kenny Packie
    Ebike Assembler

    Born and raised in New England, Kenny had the itch for an adventure following my graduation from The University of Vermont. Opportunity fell into his lap when an old college friend gave him a ring saying that he had a room opening in his Ballard home. A lover of all things outdoors, Kenny quickly jumped on the chance to experience life in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Quan Ralkowski
    Director of Operations

    Born and raised in Seattle, Quan has spent the last 15 years in the retail and technology space working for many PNW companies like Nordstrom,, and Amazon. Recently named one of the Puget Sound Business Journal's "Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40", Quan brings her passion for customer experience and deep knowledge of retail operations to the Rad team.

  • Lucas Ralston
    Ebike Assembler

    Lucas is a recent transplant to Seattle from Georgia and is a green vehicle / cycling enthusiast.

  • Jason Resha
    Customer Experience Specialist

    A Seattle Native, Jason has been riding, fixing, and tinkering with bikes here in the Northwest since he was a kid. A focus on quality customer service, and a passion for cycling are a couple of the tools he brings to the RPB team. When not at work or out riding, Jason is probably working on a bike build, practicing his disc golf putt, fitting in a morning climbing session, or making one of many frequent coffee stops. Caffeine, bikes, and the outdoors are the perfect combo.

  • Simone Ricci
    Ebike Mechanic

    Simone was born and raised in Italy, he was in the Italian Army for a couple of years, and then he decided to move to the Netherlands in 2016. Simone loves bicycles, which is why he became a Bike Mechanic in the Netherlands in 2017. In 2018, Simone went to Nepal for a Bicycle Project. He loves eating, travelling, and cycling in extreme conditions around the world.

  • Brian Rinckenberger
    Commercial Sales Director

    A 20 year bike industry veteran, Brian's passion for bicycles is the fuel that has powered his professional drive since landing his first shop job. Other than a brief stint bagging groceries in the 90's, bikes have been the focus of his entire working career - he's been a mechanic, a bike messenger, an amateur racer, a sales rep, a sales manager, and in late 2017 he joined the Rad team as Director of Commercial Sales.

  • Shane Roberts
    Ebike Assembler

    Shane is originally a Toronto native who moved west in 2014. After spending 2 years in Calgary, the ocean called him to Vancouver where he lives with his girlfriend and cat, Ashie. He likes to get nerdy about music, talk sports (he's a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan) and loves to cook and bake.

  • Simon Rockhold
    Retail Specialist
  • Rosie
    Shop Dog

    Rosie is a 4-year-old Basenji mix that was adopted from the Arizona Humane Society as a stray. She spends every day at the RPB office playing fetch and taking naps on her favorite chair. Rosie knows just as much about bicycles as she does international trade law, nothing.

  • Jessie Russell
    Quality Control Manager

    A Shanghai local, Jessie has a strong background in quality control and translating. With her love for biking originating from spin class, Jessie spends her days overseeing the QC team at the RPB manufacturing site. She enjoys cooking in her spare time which keeps her life in a perfect balance.

  • Arno Saladin
    European Business Director

    Arno has been working in the automotive and powersports industry for most of his professional life. Always looking for new opportunities and creating new business, he was fortunate to have been part of the creation and development of the ebike business in Europe over two decades ago. Like every Dutchman he was born on a bicycle and rides each and every day, preferably off-road at dawn.

  • Joe Samsel
    Rental Fleet Specialist

    Joe is a Seattle local who grew up all over the city. He has an esteemed background in sales and general business management which he applies to customer service and the outreach and sales of our rental fleet program.

    Joe enjoys Kung Fu and used to be a logger in Sweden.

  • Traci Schlosser
    In-Person Experience Manager

    Originally from Rochester, NY., I moved to Seattle in the mid-90s. I’ve worked the majority of my life in retail. With 17 years at Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters, Inc.) in various management roles including district manager, ending my career with them as a recruiter for the Western region. I live in Ballard with my husband Kurt, son Henry and daughter Kate.

  • Anna Schuck
    Accounting & Payroll Clerk

    Anna has recently transplanted from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Seattle. She fell in love with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and enjoys camping on the weekends. She loves reading and spoiling her fourteen nieces and nephews.

  • Andrew Shepherd
    Video Producer

    Andrew is a recent transplant from Kansas and has been working as a freelance filmmaker/photographer for the past 7 years. Andrew has a passion for the great outdoors that is matched by his love for riding on two wheels rather than four. You can find him camping on the weekends and creating videos right here at RAD during the week!

  • Alan Sheridan
    Customer Experience Specialist

    I moved here from Ireland this summer to escape the rain and adventure the true north. My daily struggles include speaking slow enough so that people can understand me, trying to not eat my weight in Timbits and understanding the rules of Ice hockey

  • James Stapleton
    Ebike Mechanic

    James is a bike mechanic of 12 years and has worked all over the country. He originally grew up in Poulsbo, before traveling and working, and returned in 2013 when he met his wife.

  • Sam Strickland
    Technical Support Specialist

    I grew up in Seattle and currently live in Capitol Hill. I love to draw, paint, and read. 

  • Kateen Thiry

    Kateen is super excited to be part of the ebike revolution, as she enjoys an active almost-car-free lifestyle. Her professional background includes 15+ years of leading finance teams for cybersecurity, tech, and accelerated growth companies, as well as the obligatory public accounting stint to obtain her CPA. After-hours, she craves any variety of outdoor adventure, satiating her curiosity by learning anything new, volunteering her expertise at early-stage startups and being with evocative enjoyable people.

  • Tony Thomas
    Technical Support Supervisor

    A recent transplant from St. Louis, Tony has been working at RPB ever since in the Tech department. With his background in tech support and building computers, along with his love for the outdoors, he was a perfect fit for the Rad Power Bikes team.

    Tony's dog Kula taught him how to love.

  • Cory Tsai
    Product Manager

    Cory knows all of RPB’s ebikes like the back of his hand and uses his knowledge to help customers with anything that may come up during ownership. His commuter bicycle does the quarter mile as quick as a Nissan Leaf, at 72 MPH.

  • Sander van den Berg
    Technical Support Specialist

    After a career in the printing industry, Sander came in contact with (electric) bikes. And that's good! Every day, Sander conquers a 70 km round trip commute on a RAD bike! In the weekend you can find him in the gym taking spinning classes, or mountain biking with his son. Recently Sander has been persuaded to try a road bike ... There is still plenty for Sander to discover in the cycling world!

  • Scott Vandivort
    Director of Research & Development

    Scott does everything technology related from designing bikes to being the chief problem solver that keeps electricity flowing and customers delighted. His vast knowledge stems from a passion for electric vehicle projects, which include a BMW 330i to high speed mountain bikes.

    He held the record for the fastest ebike in Washington State from 2014 to 2016.

  • John Vial
    Quality Manager

    John was born in Richmond, VA where he went to Virginia Commonwealth University where he was team captain of the Track and Cross Country teams his senior year. His love of bikes started when he took his own training wheels off as a child.

    When John’s not wrenching on bikes, he recycles broken bike parts to make artistic clocks found on etsy.

  • Eric Voight
    Marketing Coordinator

    A native Arizonan, Eric relocated to Seattle with his wife Madeline and their dog Rosie in 2016. Having experienced enough sunshine for several lifetimes, the PNW has rekindled his love for mountain biking, pie, and warm apple cider.

    Eric believes the best things in life are Gold Canyon candles and Swiffer Wet Jets.

  • Peyton Walker
    Customer Experience Specialist

    Peyton is a native Washingtonian and a recent graduate from Washington State University. He has had no desire to relocate because the beautiful PNW has always felt like home. While two ski's is his preferred method of transportation, two wheels is a welcomed alternative!

  • Henry Wang
    Technical Support Specialist

    I moved here from Eastern Canada to enjoy the great variety of West Coast seafood. Thanks to Rad Power Bikes, I realized how awesome ebikes are and the RadCity is my way of commuting to work when the weather's nice.

  • Tessa Ward
    Public Relations Manager

    Tessa combines her love of wordsmithing and storytelling to connect Rad Power Bikes with media and consumers. She developed her communications chops while working for global PR agencies and supporting a variety of food, beverage, and lifestyle brands. Originally from the flat lands of South Dakota, Tessa has come to prefer the mountainous landscape of the PNW, but is still working to overcome her fear of heights, one hike at a time.

  • Casey Wilkinson
    Retail Specialist

    Casey lives in Edmonds with his wife and daughter where he owns a business that builds custom wooden boats.

  • Savannah Willis
    Ebike Mechanic

    Savannah is a California native, who has recently made the move to Seattle. They have always been enthralled by speed, especially of the two wheel variety. Riding and modifying bicycles (and motorcycles) since a young age has only helped to foster their love for machines and working with their hands. 

  • Winston
    Shop Dog

    Winston, a big dog in a small dog’s body. Before being rescued in April of 2016, Winston had a tough life. He now spends his time cuddling, being oblivious to personal space, and pretending to know how to swim and SUP.

  • Kevin Wright
    Technical Support Specialist

    A North Carolina native, Kevin moved to the PNW two years ago to start a new adventure in the most beautiful part of the country. He lives for hikes under the dense mountain canopy and his 10 year old rescue pit mix.

  • Tim Yount
    Retail Specialist

    Recently moved to Ballard with his girlfriend Ashley from Pagosa Springs Colorado, where he worked as a ski Instructor at Wolf Creek since 2006. Keen on helping Rad-cyclists in-person, Tim is at our store in Ballard, WA. He has a red bellied parrot named Duce and enjoys slack-lining.

  • Hui Zhou
    Supply Chain Analyst

    Born and raised in China, Hui moved to Seattle 4 years ago and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Having no qualification in biking when joined RPB, Hui can be found struggling to learn bike riding in her spare time. 

The Best Support in the Industry

Providing our community of ebike owners with the best support has never been optional for us. Whether you have questions about our bikes, have already purchased one, or are just trying to decide if ebikes are for you, our dedicated Customer Experience and Technical Support teams are here to help any way they can.

"The Best Support in the Industry" may be a marketing ploy for some, but for us it's the only way we operate and is something we firmly believe we provide. And we can prove it..

10x Industry Average Inquiries

Our support teams respond to 10 times the industry average emails per month, each one getting individualized and personalized attention. Because that's what you deserve.

Industry Leading Response Time

Over 50% of new customer emails get responded to within hours with an average first response time of 15 hours for all new emails. Prefer chatting over the phone? Give us a call and talk to someone immediately, if that's your style.

Full-Time Dedicated Support Teams

All of our Customer Experience and Technical Support team members are internally trained and based exclusively at our Seattle headquarters. No outsourcing, no cutting corners, no compromises.

Help Center

With hundreds of informative articles on everything from technical information to ebike best practices, our Help Center is a valuable resource that all current and prospective bike owners can access 24/7.

Our Customers Love Our Rad Support

With over 400 5-star reviews from real ebike owners, delighting you during every aspect of your ebike journey is our top priority.

Great Bike, Great Price, Great Support and even better Customer Service.


Albert Isenberg

If you buy an electric bike from anyone else you lose out on the 'World Class' service of Rad Power Bikes.


Zen Viking



Dan Sotelo



Kevin Sax

You won’t regret investing in one of these bikes. Shipping is free and customer service is fantastic.


Robin Fritz

Should be 10 Stars, Customer Service is awesome.


Lewis Withey

Kudo's Rad Power Bikes, your company shines above the rest.


KB Maxwell

Great customer service, questions are usually answered within 24 hours. Love my new RadMini!


Teo P

First of all I have to start with Customer Service. Emily at RAD always replies like I am her only customer. Makes me feel great, even though I know how busy they are up there.


Tim Horine

Great customer service and good quality bikes. Did a test drive and was very impressed!


Chris Jacobsen

Rad Power Bikes gets an A+ from me for customer service.


Steve McCoy

I honestly feel that his team has given me better service than if I would have bought the bike at a local shop.


Harry Derderian

Sales staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about their bikes. I asked a lot of questions they had an answer for everyone!


Wes Melius

i have never dealt with a company like this... the customer support i have received is excellent.


Eric Tsai

Great bikes and even better staff and service


Michael LaCount

Great product with incredible customer support.


Randy Carsten

The staff was great. Very knowledgeable, honest and helpful.


Brandt Dargue

Fast, friendly and efficient! Amazing warranty and they really stand behind their product!


Moin Shaikh

Any company that stands behind their product gets a 5 star review from me.


Scott Campbell

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very patient in explaining the details of the bikes and the accessories such as cargo capacity.


Yizu Lulu Yeh

I get the sense they are a team passionate about their products and taking care of their customers.


John Borofka

Outstanding company, good product, good support, and terrific people!


Michael Stout

I could not be happier at this point with the technology specs, price point of the bike and integrity of the bike staff at RAD bikes.


D Haskins

they really care about you as a customer after the sale. I love this bike and the company


Richard Stroud

Huge bang for your buck. Great customer service on top of that too. Just go Rad for your next ride.


Kenneth Bailey

If I had bought a different bike anywhere else I would have never been treated as good as the guys at Rad Power Bikes have treated me



These are great bikes for the price, and excellent customer service


Tom Caster

Design is creative, bikes have been reliable and the Rad Power Bike team is knowledgeable and really helpful!


Jordan Rode

I have only positive things to say about Rad Power Bikes. The bikes are awesome and the customer service is truly one of a kind.


Jordyn Wirkkala

Great customer service!


Bob Gratias

Meet Our Support Leaders

We believe providing the best support means allowing our customers to learn more about our strongest assest, our team members. A great team is almost always the result of good leadership so we've invested in only the best and the brightest. Their only goal is to make sure you are happy and they're darn good at it.

Joe Flynn
Customer Experience Supervisor

A native of Minneapolis, MN Joe grew up on wheels. He has been in Seattle for the last eight years after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. Biking, skiing and disc golf keep Joe busy in his free time. Favorite food? It has to be tacos!

Joe Flynn
Customer Experience Supervisor

A native of Minneapolis, MN Joe grew up on wheels. He has been in Seattle for the last eight years after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. Biking, skiing and disc golf keep Joe busy in his free time. Favorite food? It has to be tacos!

Joe's Team







Tony Thomas
Technical Support Supervisor

A recent transplant from St. Louis, Tony has been working at RPB ever since in the Tech department. With his background in tech support and building computers, along with his love for the outdoors, he was a perfect fit for the Rad Power Bikes team.

Tony's dog Kula taught him how to love.

Tony Thomas
Technical Support Supervisor

A recent transplant from St. Louis, Tony has been working at RPB ever since in the Tech department. With his background in tech support and building computers, along with his love for the outdoors, he was a perfect fit for the Rad Power Bikes team.

Tony's dog Kula taught him how to love.

Tony's Team



Ben M

Ben K