Rad Power Bikes Community Stories

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Rad Power Bikes Community Stories

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Erik Wang - Springfield, VA

Erik was one of the early RadWagon owners, purchasing the bike late 2015. Since then, Erik has put over 400 miles on the bike, taking it on trips ranging from short neighborhood rides to overnight camping trips on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. Not only is Erik a fan of the electric pedal assist, his dog Brody enjoys taking trips with him on the RadWagon too!

Since purchasing the RadWagon, Erik has noticed a huge increase in his freedom and flexibility in hauling cargo to and from his favorite places. Before, he often had to choose whether or not he can bring his dog along for the journey, but the RadWagon has made it so Erik never has to be far from man’s best friend. Erik was surprised by how long the battery lasted while on his trips, which helped put his mind at ease knowing the bike would be able to get him home reliably.

Erik has added several personal touches to his RadWagon to make it truly his own, including his favorite saddle, pannier bags, and an extra battery for the occasional extra-long trek.


George Buttle - Sacramento, California

George is 65-years-young and has been suffering with Osteoarthritis for 20 years. An avid filmmaker, he has trouble most days walking or standing for extended periods of time. Without a car, this means George walked most places he went. His Osteoarthritis did not go easy on him though, as constant knee pain became commonplace in his life. George had not ridden a bike since his diagnosis, but that all changed when he discovered the RadRover!

As George describes it, the RadRover has changed his life. He can now ride a bike without the constant pain and discomfort his Osteoarthritis causes him because the pedal assist takes the strain off of his joints. George praises the bike for its incredible quality, low price compared to other ebikes, and just how fun it is to ride!

George loves how much money he is saving on transportation costs, how he is reducing his consumption of fossil fuels, and how the RadRover overall has improved his health and mobility. Thanks to the RadRover, George is a new man! He even calls the RadRover the “coolest bike on the planet!”

When he’s not riding his bike, you can find George behind a camera as a filmmaker in Sacramento, California.

Donnie Keller - Seattle, WA

Mobility has always been a passion point for Donnie starting from a young age. As a freshman in high school, Donnie was diagnosed with an acute form of bone cancer that eventually led to the amputation of his right leg above the knee. His whole world changed and he was confronted with a new series of questions and challenges to try to regain his mobility and freedom without breaking the bank.

Now, many years after losing his leg, Donnie has pursued activities ranging from competitive swimming to motocross. But when it came to cycling, he couldn’t quite find the right solution that balanced his need for power assistance and on/off-road capability. So when electric-powered bikes went mainstream he was re-energized with confidence. However, his excitement quickly diminished when he confronted the cost of the average ebike usually in the $3-4k range. He then found the RadRover. It had everything he was looking for; quality construction and components, off-road capable, long range battery, and most importantly affordable!

Donnie has put over 100 miles on his RadRover in less than a month, using it both on and off-road and even hit the trails at the local mountain bike parks.

The RadRover has completely opened a whole new world to Donnie and he has no intentions of stopping!