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RadRover Review

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"Plenty of power and comfort all wrapped in an attractive package that still rode like a bike." -Kevin M
"Effortless to ride but still allows one to pedal for more exercise at any time! I have shown to friends of mine and they have purchased as soon as they saw and rode it!" -Michael G
"I would definitely recommend this bike to my family and friends. In fact I did recommend these bikes to a good friend, and he also ordered 2! At the price, for a complete electric bike that looks good, has a 750 W motor, and a 20+ mile range is a no brainer!" -George S
"I was also quite happy with the pedal assist which has great flexibility as to how much assist it provides.  It is a more sophisticated system than I expected on a bike at this price point. I would and I have recommend RadRover to friends.  It is a cool bike that is a GREAT value and lots of fun!" -Brooke S
"I researched ebikes for a year. My RadRover is everything I hoped and more! I enjoy it on my 20 mile round trip daily commute to work on a bike trail. It turns heads. Actually I more than enjoy it...it brings a smile and I LOVE IT!" -E.
"My RadRover went beyond my expectations! The battery lasts forever (still have 2 bars of energy after riding 40 miles). Now I know how it feels to stay in the lead. Thank you for building the perfect mountain bike for me, an older woman." -Sandy
"This bike is a beast! It is so fun to ride, and offers many advantages over a traditional mountain bike. The fat tires and the extra muscle will take you to places you just wouldn't even attempt to travel on with a regular mountain bike." -Coleman
"I haven't had this much fun biking in years! Great exercise too. I am 63 and can't wait to get outdoors and act like a youngster again." -Rich
"The RadRover has certainly given me a new and improved enthusiasm for bike riding, naturally my physical health is improving with every RadRover outing!" -Barry