Today, September 22, we're celebrating World Car Free Day with bike giveaways, prizes, and a big announcement. Leave the car in the garage and join us!

-Mike Radenbaugh, CEO & Founder, Rad Power Bikes

Reimagine Your City

To celebrate World Car Free Day, we’re introducing the RadCity 5 Plus—a totally reimagined ride that will get more people out of cars and onto ebikes—for good!

Riders on new City Five electric bikes
Riding New City 5 electric bikes uphill in the city

Share How You Go Car Free & You Could Win an Ebike*


Post your car-free pics on Instagram with #OneDayNoCar and tag @radpowerbikes for a chance to win a free ebike or a $100 gift card. We’ll feature some of our favorites here.

5 Reasons To Go Car Free

1. Less Stress

82% of drivers experience road rage and the 33% who spend 2+ hours driving per day report feeling “psychologically distressed.” Car Free = Care Free.

2. Healthier Kids

25% of new childhood asthma cases have been linked to traffic pollution, with 4 million more kids being affected every year. That’s 11,000 new cases each day!

3. Cleaner Air

Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., which fuels climate change and pollutes our air. In fact, 90% of the global population breathes in unsafe air.

4. Longer Lives

Air pollution isn’t just bad for the planet. It’s the 4th leading cause of premature death. Less time sitting in traffic also means more time moving, which provides tons of health benefits.

5. Stronger Communities

When more people walk, ride, or drive, communities respond by building safer sidewalks, bike lanes, and more reliable public transportation. This means fewer injuries, reduced traffic, and a better quality of life for all of us.

What is World Car Free Day?

World Car Free Day is an annual campaign aimed at encouraging the public to drive less and embrace alternative forms of transportation. It offers communities across the globe a small taste of the environmental and social benefits a car-free future would provide, like cleaner air and safer streets. World Car Free Day has been held on September 22 for over 20 years.

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