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About Rad Power Bikes

The Story Behind Rad Power Bikes

The idea for Rad Power Bikes was born in rural Northern California in the summer of 2007 when the company launched its first ebike prototypes using lead acid batteries and, at the time, high power brushless motors. Since then RAD Power Bikes has been at the forefront of electric vehicle technology development from high capacity lithium-ion batteries to ebike status gauges, the ebike is now more than ever ready for the masses.

What We're all About

Founded in the rural hills of the North Coast of California and now based in Seattle, Washington, Rad Power Bikes brings ebike products to the market that perform seamlessly in urban environments as they do in off-road terrain. We are here because above all else we love electric vehicles. It's a fun company in a booming, dynamic industry, and most importantly, ebikes absolutely improve the quality of life of people that get into the sport. That's why we're here!

What Differentiates Rad Power Bikes?

We intentionally forgo the traditional bicycle distribution channel because the outdated distribution channel means a higher price tag for the consumer. Rad Power Bikes has been a design/build/maintain full service ebike brand since its inception in 2007.

We understand what it takes to provide great customer service and support to keep your bike running at its best. In addition to our online store where you can buy individual replacement parts and accessories we have a full time customer support phone line and email where your technical support questions will be answered same day.

The Value Proposition

We offer premium ebikes for almost half the cost you can buy a comparable bike for in traditional bike shop, or online through distributors and dealers.

We are a group of dedicated ebike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology. We all met while attending Humboldt State University and have since teamed up to bring you Rad Power Bikes!




Marimar White-Espin

VP, Operations

Marimar White-Espin grew up in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and is an avid ebike commuter and alternative transportation enthusiast. White-Espin keeps Rad Power Bikes running smoothly and efficiently in the day-to-day operations. She is the team’s go-to resource for business development and public relations activities including her talent for compelling graphic design and branding. White-Espin received her degree in Journalism and public relations at Humboldt State University along with Collins and Radenbaugh. White-Espin is an essential and multi-talented entrepreneur able to connect with customers and tackle the everyday tasks that challenge new technology companies.



Tyler Collins

VP, Marketing and Sales

Having worked with Radenbaugh on various electric vehicle projects since 2008 when they were both students at Humboldt State University in Northern California, Collins has a vast knowledge base in the marketing and sales of electric vehicles, along with a deep passion for the products. From the moment he rode his first ebike, he knew it was the transportation of the future and wanted to get involved with sharing it with the masses. Collins' agency experience has versed him in all of the latest trends in digital marketing, from data-driven to growth hacking, demand generation to thought leadership. He has built brands in the fields of music, non-profit, high tech, and more, and is constantly striving to maximize campaigns and win.

Mike Radenbaugh


A young and talented technical expert and serial entrepreneur, Radenbaugh brings ten years of battery technology and electric vehicle product expertise to the company. Radenbaugh’s strong leadership, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in the growth of other radical electric vehicle projects including the GolfBoard, a revolutionary li-ion battery powered 4WD golf transportation device and most recently, developing an electric propulsion system for stand-up paddleboards called the ElectraFin. Radenbaugh was born and raised in Northern California among the Redwood Forests of the Lost Coast of California and built his first electric bike at the age of 15 which he used to commute to high school 16 miles away. Ever since this first e-bike build, he has been focused on developing functional, fun, and exciting electric transportation products that help educate and excite consumers. An avid e-biker, Mike’s personal fleet of electric bikes ranges from a 50 MPH 100.8 volt electric downhill bike to a high speed electric recumbent trike. His daily commuter is a lightweight titanium 60 volt electric hard tail, but since the arrival of the first RadRover production samples, we have not been able to get him off them!