Refer a Friend

When you turn a friend onto Rad Power Bikes, you won’t just be helping them discover the awesome world of ebikes -- you’ll be helping a great cause too.

Under our referral program, when your friend buys a bike, they’ll get $50 off their purchase, and you’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card or the option to donate to a charity of your choice.

You get a new riding buddy and help make the world a better place. It’s a win-win!

How It Works

1. Buy an Electric Bike

Purchase any one of our ebike models. Existing ebike owners simply need to create an account, no need to purchase another ebike (unless you want to, that is).

New Owners:

An email with a link to create your customer account will be sent to you shortly after you purchase an ebike.

Existing Owners:

Contact our Customer Experience team directly for assistance with getting your customer account set up.

2. Tell Your Friends

You can share your unique referral link with whoever you wish either from the post-purchase screen or from your referral dashboard within your customer account.

3. Pick Your Reward!

Whenever someone places an order containing at least one ebike using your referral code, you get to pick either a $50 Amazon gift card or choose one of the participating charitable organizations receive a $50 donation!


Which charitable organizations are included in this program?

You can select from the Clean Water Fund, Habitat for Humanity, or the National Park Foundation.

Can the $50 discount code be stacked with another discount code/promotion?

No, discount codes/promotions cannot be combined on a single order. If there is more than one discount code/promotion that can be applied to an order, only the largest single discount/promotion will be applied.

Can I place an order over the phone and still take advantage of the Refer a Friend program?

Yes! If you were referred by a friend to purchase one of our ebikes, simply provide us their full name, email address, and original order number at time of purchase so we can verify their information in our system, credit them for their referral, and provide a $50 donation for your qualifying order.

Are the donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, these donations are considered non-deductible. For specific questions, please consult your tax advisor.

What if I don’t want to support any of the charitable organizations?

If you choose not to support any of the provided charitable organizations, you are free to opt-out. While we do not have any alternative options for charitable organizations at this time, the customer who uses your referral code will still receive a discount on their order.


Advocate: an existing ebike owner who shares their referral link encouraging people to purchase an ebike.

Friend: an individual who receives a referral link from an Advocate.


All referrals must be given at time of purchase. Referrals cannot be applied retroactively.

This offer does not apply to the purchase of a RadMission.



For an Advocate to qualify, they must:

  1. Be an original ebike owner. Second-hand ebike owners do not qualify.
  2. Have physical ownership of an ebike at the time of referral. Selling your ebike will disqualify you.
  3. Be in good standing with Rad Power Bikes. This means that acts such as issuing a chargeback, being disrespectful, or any other behavior that would go against our Terms of Purchase will disqualify you.


  • Referral rewards are emailed to qualifying Advocates roughly 14 days after the Friend's order has been processed.
  • Advocates will receive one referral reward per qualifying order. Referral rewards are not awarded based on the total number of electric bikes in a single order. (Ex. if a Friend places one order containing two electric bikes, the Advocate will receive one referral reward).
  • All referral rewards must be claimed within 60 days of receiving.



For a Friend to qualify for a referral discount on their order, they must:

  1. Be a new customer, existing ebike owners do not qualify.
  2. Purchase an electric bike either i) online at using the Advocate's referral link, ii) over the phone with a Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience team member, or iii) in-store at the Rad Power Bikes Seattle showroom.
  3. Not use any other active promotion, coupon code, or discount.
  4. For phone orders, the Friend must provide the full name, email address, and original order number of the Advocate. This allow us to properly identify the Advocate in our customer database. If we are unable to definitively identify the Advocate in our customer database, the referral cannot be processed.


Rad Power Bikes encourages all of our ebike owners to share their experience with their friends, but in order to promote a healthy and positive community experience for all of our customers, we reserve the right to revoke the ability to participate in our Refer a Friend program at any time. Abuse, misuse, or any other negative behavior we see will result in disqualification.