Our Vision

A World Where Transportation Is
Energy-Efficient, Enjoyable, and Accessible to All.

Fueled by 15 years of innovation and thousands of dedicated riders, we’re changing the way the world thinks about transportation — one ebike at a time.

Mike Radenbaugh doing a wheelie with an ebike as a teenager

Our beginning

Before he was the Founder & Chairman of North America’s largest ebike maker, Mike Radenbaugh was a teenager tinkerer. He’d spend hours in his parents' garage soldering spare electronic parts to an old bicycle in hopes of developing a better way to complete his rural and hilly 15-mile ride to high school.

The result was “The Frankenbike,” a battery-powered ride that could outpace cars — and get him to class without breaking a sweat. His mom suggested a catchy name for the new project: Rad Power Bikes.

Charging ahead

Mike made a name for himself converting traditional bicycles to electric bikes, selling them by word-of-mouth, at local craft fairs, and through newspaper ads. Some years later, the “ebike guy,” as he was known to locals, had a vision for a professionally crafted, rugged, comfortable, and high-performance ebike that could replace car, truck, and SUV trips at a massive scale.

He teamed up with Ty Collins, his childhood friend and marketer, for an exciting next step: crowdsourcing the development of Rad’s first flagship product.

Within 30 days, Rad raised $320,000 to start building the all-new RadRover, an electric fat tire bike that would go on to transform the entire industry.

The original RadRover
The RadWagon 4 launched in 2020

Full throttle

Following the breakthrough success of the RadRover, Mike started exploring other designs that could get people out of their cars and into the bike lane.

The RadWagon electric cargo bike was the next to join the line-up. It raised the bar for what people could do on two wheels, thanks to an elongated frame, a roomy staging area for child seats, and a jaw-dropping 350 lb. weight capacity.

Next came the RadMini an electric folding bike fine-tuned for both apartment-dwellers and RV explorers. Then the RadCity for commuters looking to sidestep traffic. Step-thru models soon entered the mix, tearing down longstanding barriers to cycling and solidifying Rad’s reputation for accessibility.

With each new model, Rad’s engineering team grew, which set a pace for better, more innovative bikes every year. The batteries slimmed down, the frames grew more refined, and with so many new riders eager to take them for a spin, Rad Power Bikes quickly found themselves as the leaders of an emerging industry.


With over 550,000 riders across the globe, and more jumping in the saddle every day, Rad Power Bikes is committed to more than award-winning electric bikes. We’re laser-focused on redefining transportation at large.

The innovative spirit behind Mike’s first ebike continues to guide us, whether that’s through bold new offerings like the RadRover 6 Plus, a robust customer support team, or new retail stores that can bring the power of electric bikes directly to your community.

But we don’t stop there. As the pioneers of the direct-to-consumer ebike movement, we’re dedicated to helping you start your adventure on your own terms.

It’s all a reflection of our longstanding one-on-one approach: design products that address customers’ specific needs and empower them with the support to stay moving.

And do you want to know the best part? The ride’s just getting started.

RadRover 6 Plus
Our Mission

To offer an unrivaled customer experience with
radical bikes that are built for everything,
and priced for everyone.

 Mike Radenbaugh standing next to the RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike

The RadGrin™

We see this so often that our folks gave it its own name: The RadGrin.

Discover why for yourself.

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