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These aren’t the trikes you grew up with. These are electric tricycles for adults. Our three-wheeled electric bikes feature accessible step-thru frames designed for confident handling, tight turns, and an industry-leading payload capacity.
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Side view of gray RadTrike electric tricycle with comfort saddle and adjustable handlebars.

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What is an Electric Tricycle?

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled electric bike that provides more stability than a two-wheeled ebike. They include a battery-powered motor that enables pedal assist and / or a throttle to help propel the rider. This allows the rider to go further, faster, and with less effort than they would on a traditional, non-electric three-wheeled bike.

There are several different types of electric trikes on the market, including:

Two wheels in rear, one wheel up front
This is a common set-up for riders seeking recreation, enhanced mobility, or commercial uses for their etrike. This category includes the RadTrike.

Two wheels in front and one wheel in rear
This is common for “box-up-front” style etrikes that are typically used for transporting kids or cargo and resembles a bicycling ice cream vendor’s cart.

These can feature either wheel set-up, but are designed with seating that allows the rider to recline to support their needs.

These commonly fold in half to make them smaller for transporting or storage. There are few etrikes that fold as quickly and easily as a two-wheel folding ebike.

Cargo and commercial
These can include either wheel set-up but also feature larger, more powerful motors and batteries for cargo or commercial use in factories, facilities management, corporate campuses, or delivery.

Why ride an etrike?

For many riders, electric tricycles provide a number of advantages over traditional two-wheeled electric bikes. The three wheel base and frame provide a comfortable, stable riding experience that makes it easier to maintain your balance on than a two-wheel bike. Etrikes also typically include a more accessible step-thru or low-step frame that make it simpler for riders to get on and off. And like electric bikes, the battery power helps riders maximize their experience and opportunities.

Who is an etrike for?

Electric tricycles are for adults of practically any size, shape, age or ability. Popular use cases include:

Since they provide more stability than two-wheeled electric bikes, etrikes are an increasingly popular mobility option among seniors, differently-abled people, people who weigh more, people recovering from surgery, or riders with mobility challenges. If traditional cyclists are looking for an opportunity to ride with a friend or loved one who is unable to operate a two-wheeled electric bike, etrikes make it possible for them to join in.

In addition, etrikes are helpful for companies and businesses seeking environmentally-friendly cargo and commercial fleet solutions. Since electric tricycles can usually be operated without a license this helps provide more opportunities to ride.

Rad Power Bikes Electric Trike

The RadTrike electric trike is a three-wheeled etrike for adults that includes a wide array of features that provide benefits for riders seeking added stability. It include two wheels in rear and one wheel up front.

This etrike represents the single most requested model in Rad’s history and the brand’s latest effort to deliver a variety of climate-friendly mobility options for people of all abilities. It is designed to bring the joy of ebikes to more riders by expanding access to car-alternative transportation. The electric tricycle blurs the lines between ebikes and light electric vehicles with familiar functionality of cars.

Our design and build considerations

The RadTrike was built to handle tight turns and expert hill-climbing capability. The generous step-thru frame and incorporated parking brake create a seamless on-and-off experience. For unparalleled comfort, RadTrike features a large ergonomic saddle with a backrest and a sweeping handlebar so riders can settle into a position that works for them. The saddle and handlebar can also be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of rider heights.

The RadTrike has a range of 20+ miles per charge, a top speed of 14 mph, and a fold-down stem that makes it easier to transport or store. Its width was designed to be small enough to fit through most household front doors. This model boasts an industry-leading 415 lb payload capacity and is compatible with Rad’s baskets and platform accessories to make carrying cargo easier. 

It can be operated using five levels of pedal assist, which puts varying levels of added power behind each pedal stroke, or via a twist-grip throttle, which requires no pedaling. To ensure full maneuverability, this model features a touch-button reverse function, wherein the rider can hold down the pedal assist button, then twist the throttle to gently and automatically move backwards. 

“We wanted to offer a new platform for the rider who’s uncomfortable on two wheels or has trouble with balance,” according to Rad Power Bikes Senior Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp. “Up until now, we haven’t been there for that rider. We wanted to create a more stable platform for them - a three wheeled platform."

For the packaging, Rad Power Bikes sought to make it as easy as possible for the customer to unbox the etrike with as little lifting as possible. Once it’s out of the box, it’s designed for easier assembly than any other model in our lineup. 

Rad Power Bikes founder and Chairman Mike Radenbaugh, says the RadTrike was initially inspired by an early customer who couldn’t ride a traditional bike due to health concerns. 

“Since that early interaction, I’ve had countless conversations with customers looking to Rad for more solutions,” Radenbaugh said. “Fast forward to now, we’ve honed our expertise to create a high-value, purpose-built three-wheel option that will popularize another micromobility category. The RadTrike is the next big acceleration in our mission to make transportation energy efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.”

In-person service options are available at Rad Retail locations and additional assistance can be provided online or over the phone by our customer support team. Check out the full scoop on the RadTrike in our video deep dive.

Where can I get the RadTrike electric tricycle?

The RadTrike can be purchased exclusively through Rad Power Bikes. It is sold directly from the company to consumers in order to cut down on overhead costs that come with selling electric bikes through third-party retailers. This keeps our electric bikes within an accessible price range. You can purchase this electric tricycle on our website

If you would like to purchase the RadTrike in person or take a test ride first, you can visit a Rad Retail store location in the U.S. At select locations, you can buy a fully-assembled etrike for a nominal fee. Each purchase through Rad Power Bikes comes with a one-year warranty and a 14-day trial period. 

What do the experts say about the RadTrike?

“In my opinion, this is one of the best electric trikes being produced and sold right now. It feels sturdy and planted, but is very nimble and easy to ride. The higher weight capacity of 415lbs (188kg) provides a lot of utility, and the broad range of accessories that are cross-compatible with other Rad Power Bikes really sets it apart.” - Electric Bike Review

“Extremely low standover height and minimum saddle height makes the trike approachable. Smooth acceleration feels predictable and doesn't spin the front wheel like some other trikes. Reverse mode lets you back up to load and unload. Total width is 32.5" which fits through most standard doors, the axle and nuts are not exposed on rear wheels.” - Electric Bike Review