Storage & Transport

Load up your ebike with the assistance of pannier bags, baskets, passenger seats, and more. Our ebike cargo options provide multiple possibilities for bringing along additional riders or gear - check compatibility and ebike requirements when choosing.
Close up shot of a Rad Power Bike with a front rack. A woman is fishing in the background.
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Rad Trailer with standard flatbed design, two wheels and a yellow safety flag.
Rad Trailer
$239 $299
(4.4) 46 Reviews
$239 $299
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Side view of the Rad Trailer Pet Insert, showing how the top window unzips and the side pocket for extra storage. Also shows reflector on the rear door.
(4.9) 20 Reviews
$179 $229
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A black rectangular bag with see through screens, a handle and zipper.
(4.0) 214 Reviews
$99 $109
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Pet Basket Liner
(3.4) 40 Reviews
$29 $59
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