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Electric Folding Bikes

Enhance your RV, camper or van adventures. Our folding electric bike saves space and is a powerful ride. Shop this fat tire and utility ebike you can pull out for all-terrain rides, trips to the beach, or spins around town.

Image of the RadExpand 5 Plus folded up in the corner of an apartment.
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Right side view of a RadExpand 5 Plus electric folding bike in slate blue

Electric Folding Bike

We’ve taken the classic RadExpand and enhanced it with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for smoother rides on any terrain. Our most advanced folding bike yet features our turn signals, all-new tech, and retractable pedals for even easier storage.

For riders 4'10"-5'10"

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Side view of a black RadExpand 5 electric folding bike
RadExpand 5

Electric Folding Bike

Our latest folding ebike has fatter tires to tackle adventures of all sorts. Featuring a step-through frame, and allows you to customize your ride with adjustable handlebars, seven speeds, and four levels of pedal-assist.

For riders 4'10" - 5'10"

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What is an Electric Folding Bike?

Our electric folding bikes are custom-designed for people of all sizes and ages to find fun wherever they ride! These affordable ebikes are built to easily fold and unfold while also providing a sturdy, smooth ride with plenty of adjustability for rider comfort on longer trips.

Design & Use

Our foldable ebike models come with 750W geared hub motors, up to 45+ miles per charge, and a 275-lb. payload capacity. We offer these electric folding bikes with step-through frame options to provide easy access for mounting, riding and stopping. Our models feature rigid forks for a lighter folding ebike.

They are designed to fold and unfold easily without interfering with the ebike cables or components. These small ebikes can even be folded with a rear rack and front basket attached! (Note: Your folded dimensions in this scenario are slightly wider, but still more compact for storage)

Folding Ebike Safety

All of our frames provide a solid, sturdy ride feel, and our folding ebikes are no exception. With multiple safety redundancies, the primary folding hinge prevents accidental unlatching when locked properly. We have extensive how-to fold our ebikes articles to show you how simple and easy it is. When unfolded and securely latched, these ebikes are designed to be safely ridden across a variety of terrains.

Tires & Terrain

All of our folding ebike models feature 20” diameter fat tires capable of handling hills, multiple terrains, and longer rides. Models come with either a 3” wide smoother tire or 4” wide tire with a more rugged tread. 

The three-inch wide fat tire provides an efficient and slightly zippier ride. The smaller diameter helps the bike get up to top speed a bit quicker than larger tires. The slightly thinner tire has less rolling resistance and is quieter than a wider tire, while still offering great stability. 

The four-inch wide, more rugged tread provides additional stability for off-road riding while offering more of a fat bike-style ride feel. The 4" width allows for customers to adjust tire pressure to ride different terrain and provides more cushion to a rigid fork ebike setup. Overall, these tires provide a stable and safe ride for first-time riders even when rolling over smaller obstacles.

For heavier off-road and outdoor use, we sometimes see our folding ebike customers with 3" tires opt to purchase the Kenda Krusade tires as an upgrade with a 4-inch tire width and heavier tread. (bonus: You’ll have the original tires as backups!)

Transporting & Storing

Our folding ebikes are designed to be smaller and easily collapsible for transporting in a vehicle or storing in smaller spaces. These ebikes are designed to fold up and fit conveniently in the back of a car, SUV, camper van or an RV without the need for special racks.

They can also transport like a regular ebike on a vehicle with our Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Ebike Hitch Rack and Ebike Adapter Bar add-ons. The Sport Rider Ebike Hitch Rack is not currently available for use with RVs.

While heavier than traditional folding bikes, they provide the same benefits - it’s transportation and storage made easy. Our customers appreciate the simple, secure folding process and the electric boost while exploring new adventures. 

Best Uses for Your Electric Folding Bike

Because of electric folding bikes’ unique capabilities to fold for easier transport and storing, they are popular for RV, camper, and van life. Our customers use them for outdoor activities that they bring their ebikes along for, including camping, hunting, and fishing. Learn more in our blog about taking your folding ebike along on a summer road trip.

These ebikes are also great for city life where storage in small spaces is critical. There are many other ways that you can use our folding ebikes, including with your boat or around campus.

Featured Customer & Media Reviews

“Space inside the RV, especially when you’re on the road, is limited. Getting a full-size bike inside is pretty cumbersome, but with the RadMini, you can put it almost anywhere.”

Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer of the RV’ers and outdoor enthusiast

“[My wife and I] enjoy taking our bikes out while camping. It's been so much fun and we are seeing lots of sites we typically would not have seen. Highly recommend these bikes.”

Joseph H

“The Mini is a bike that you'll keep finding a use for. A hunter getting into their spot and wanting something easy to conceal once they get there. An apartment dweller that is limited on space, but wants an ebike. RV or van-lifers that need an easy way to get around the campsite. Anyone that is interested in an ebike but is limited on space.”

Bicycling Magazine

“I have had the RadMini for a month now and put 160 miles on it. It is so cool to ride around the neighborhood or around town feeling like a kid again. I have been folding it up and taking it with me to different locations and then riding from there. I love it."

Richard F