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Robert's Rad Rover

Grate quality, service, support. The ergonomics of the bike are very good. It has a lot of power and I especially like the 5 levels of power assist as well as the twist power feature. Handling is very good as well as bicycle balance. Quality long-lasting battery. My Rad Rover arrived with damage to the wiring harness; so I needed a complete new wiring harness, display screen and mode switch. I sent pictures of the damages and received a prompt reply. I would especially like to thank Ben Kern and Sam Strickland of technical support for their courteous, knowledgeable, rapid handling of this problem and getting me these needed parts on their way. It is really nice to actually speak to a human rather than getting the computer run-around like so many companies do. thanks

Radcity love it

Bought a radcity and radcity step thru for a key West vacation and they made the trip. We were able to get around everywhere with them and they were great. Very easy to figure out and ride. Have nothing bad to say about them my wife and I love them.

A great bike !

I bought this bike since it seemed like a cost effective way to try an electric bike. I bought a "fat tire" bike because it allows me to get off the road when threatened by cars without worry of crashing, but it also gives a lot of confidence when doing 15 to 25 mph on a bike. Some reviews complained that it does not have Shamanos best derailer - but it shifts slick as soap ! Some complained that the disc brakes are not hydraulic - but man, are they good !
I rode 20 miles one day and only knocked the battery down one bar. (I do mostly pedal, but use assist level 2 & 3) Assist level 4 will get you up hills in a jiffy ! I mostly end up traveling at 15 to 20 mph. This is easy, and generates a lot more cooling breeze than the 5 to 12 mph I used to do on my "comfort" bike.. Twice the travel for the same effort ! The twist throttle is great to get going reliably at an intersection. (I wish it had a toggle switch instead of push-push so it wouldn't keep getting turned off by accident) I bought the luggage rack - a bit expensive, but good quality, and includes the cable so you can mount the tail light on the back. I can do almost 30 mph on a slight downhill !
Just a great bike at any price !

2019 RadCity Electric Commuter Bike

4 stars because of the assembly process and additional expenses

I just bought 2 Radcity bikes for myself and my wife. We bought them after a lot of research and referrals from a friend who owned a pair for he and his wife. We received the bikes and started thinking about assembly.

I had two choices: Hire Velofix to come and pay an additional $400 to assemble and setup the 2 bikes or try on my own. I decided to try and save some money, as $3000 is a lot of money for us and we felt we could not afford any more.

It was really challenging to assemble the bikes. The tools were not really correlated or obvious to the task. The online video was 8 minutes long with bad music and I had to keep stopping and re-winding and it was annoying. Also the video was for the 2018 model and not quite right for the 2019. I had to call in quite a few times.

Now I will say that customer service is excellent and responsive. I will also say I am not a Cyclist and know nothing about bikes and my experience with staff was that they are intimately familiar with the names of various parts of a bike and so I think aspects of assembly are more obvious to them? (I also offered to create a more realistic assembly video from the perspective of a neophyte like me!)

A few things that might help: As you start the process the first thing to do is REMOVE the BATTERY from the bike and start charging it! This may seem obvious but it is not instructed and if you do this it takes weight off the bike and is slightly easier to assemble. (Be aware this bike is very heavy.)

As you assemble don't assume anything. For example there is an instruction to apply grease to the threads of the foot pedals, BUT it is not supplied so it required a trip to home depot to get grease, a lifetime supply and I used 3 q-tips worth?

After almost 2 days, not full time but over 2 days, I finally finished assembly. The problem is that, unless you are a bike expert and have the knowledge and tools, assembling the components does not mean that you are done and ready to ride.


Thoroughly enjoy my new bike. Better than what I expected. The sturdy construction gives you confidence while riding and the smart design makes it a joy to own. Only suggestion I havei is for the company to have a better stock of accessories.

Nice bike with issues

This is my second rad bike. I have liked both bikes. However, just like my first one this one seems to have a few issues out the box. With this one, my left crank pedal threads were a bit messed up and sometimes when I start out in low level “1” power mode, it delivers a burst of power and then shuts off. I haven’t gotten around to contacting customer service, but with my last bike the customer service was excellent so I’m not too concerned.

Still Boxed

Unable to get on bike yet due to family health concerns. I will get there and still recalling the great test ride in Portland when I had the opportunity to demo the bikes!

Rad Rover and Wagon

Both are amazing. Best purchases I've made ever if not in a long time.

Love my RAD!!!

I looked for a couple of months before deciding on the RAD CITY model E- bike.
It has amenities equal to and in many cases greater than bikes costing thousands of dollars more.
This bike is built very solidly and rides comfortably.
I love the ability to recharge the battery when using the brakes.
I was hesitant to purchase the bike without having a chance to ride it, but I am loving my purchase now.
Being 6'3" tall I went with the RAD CITY as recommended based on the bike specifications and don't regret it a bit.

Great but too heavy.

65 lbs is about 20 lbs heavier than I prefer to lift up to my Kuat rack. Radpower needs to offer a "Lite" series of bikes with a smaller battery, no fenders, more aluminum and less steel, smaller and narrower tires on the RadCity, etc.

Dennis G

Great bike I am super impressed with the handling ease of shifting and the ability to climb hills and travel long distances! Definitely great experience!


Highly recommend if you never had an electric/motor bike. A+ ride.

A Blast !

I just went over 110 miles and all is well with the condition of my Step Through Rad Bike. I have been places in my own town I didn't even know existed. Rad and GPS are a great combo and with my blue tooth I can listen to music while riding in a non vehicle area. Each time I go out I get further and further away from where I live. I can't say enough about my Step Through Rad Bike. With Velofix to keep my bike running at top performance I am confident that nothing on it will go wrong. Thank you Rad for building so much fun, while keeping my body in good condition at the same time .

2019 RadRover Electric Fat Bike

Best Bike Ever!

My 2019 Radrover electric bike exceeded all of my expectations! The shipping went off without a hitch, and arrived sooner than I could have imagined, the assembly was easy, and the bike performs like nothing I've ever experienced. I've put a hundred miles on it so far, and I haven't had one single problem with it. I don't think I can ever ride this bike without a smile on my face. It's so much fun! The only way they could possibly improve it is if they could make it fly. Maybe 2020?

Love Them!!!

We just hit the 200 mile mark and are loving them!

Great smooth exercise.

Best shifting I've ever used. Best brakes I've ever had. Best lights I've ever used.

Love our two Rad Rover E Bikes for our Tahoe cabin!

Love these bikes! Comfortable and easy to ride! We were jamming through the woods on rocky trails within a day (and we haven't been on a bike in years!)
My wife rides it down to the grocery store, golf course and beach! A great way to get back into biking! Affordable too! We looked at E bikes in Boulder Co and they were all 5K-7K! These bikes are the BOMB!

Excellent quality!?

This is our second fat tire electric bike, mine is a different brand (not going to disclose the brand). But of an equal price! The rad power is my wife's and is quite a bit of an upgrade in quality components. For example the brakes are amazing,can stop on a dime and give you 5 cents change, kick stand is beefey and can easily hold the weight of the bike with a load, motor is strong and very responsive, these are things my other ebike are lacking. If I had the choice i would have bought a radpower! Very happy!

I feel safe out biking again.

I can set out on a ride and know I can make it back with minimal effort! Getting old is a pain.

More active, less car

I haven't used the car for solo trips since I got the bike. Put it together with a friend pretty easily. It needed a serious tune-up at about 100 miles as the spokes all needed tightening and were making a lot of noise. Brakes are super loud and squeaky and will probably need to be upgraded, otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

Rad Rover

I ordered this bike with high hopes and moderate expectations. I am amazed at how well this bike performs. I have only used it for trail riding in E Wa. so I am on sand, dry dirt and rough lava rock terrain for the most part. It is so much more fun than my regular mountain bike. The power for getting up steep hills is impressive. I stayed a bit too late one evening and really appreciated the integrated headlight. Being able to lock out the front forks was a great idea and appreciated. Seat is very comfortable and the battery range is impressive.
If I could make one suggestion I would add another inch or two to the height from where the pedal bottoms out. I occasionally hit rocks on rough terrain. I have now adapted to ride a 50/50 pedal stance and use the “throttle “ level to get me past the rough stuff. Still feels like cheating but I am warming up to it.
Thanks for making such an incredible machine.