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Absolutely thrilled.

I received a complimentary radrunner for honest testing and review purposes.
When I opened the package I was pleased to see that they included a tool kit with everything I would need for assembly.
(nothing worse than having to run to the store before you can use your new toy.) So stoked on that!
I got the seat extension which I highly recommend. Not only is it great for my kids or wife to tag along, but it's nice to be able to slide back on the seat when you're just out for a cruise.
The brakes squeak a bit at the moment, but are super responsive. As frequent beach-goers this bike is PERFECT for me and my family. If you decide to get this bike be prepared to be social. We were stopped and asked by multiple people - "What kind of bike is that!?" I don't blame them... The forest green rad runner (with the seat extension,) is the best looking bike in the lineup. Our friends are getting one so we can cruise together this summer. Love it, Highly recommend it. :)


The coolest bike ever!!!! We love our bikes. Excellent investment!

Great Bike at a Great Price!

So far, this is one of the better health/fitness purchases that I have made. While I am by no means a bicycle aficionado, I do recognize things that are either well made and thought out or P'sOS. This bike seems to be well made and engineered. There may be some components that are not the highest quality pieces, but are still good mid line products. Keep in mind that the price on this bike is unbelievably low and ships for free. I think Rad is providing a very nice bike at a very fair price. So far, our weather has only let me get out on the bike 2 times since I bought it, but both rides have been great! The last ride was a 32 mile ride with some serious hills. I used the assist at level 3 most of the time and also found myself using the throttle a few times on the really big hills. I am 210 pounds and found that 32 miles is the range in these conditions. Not bad. I did run completely out of battery about 2 blocks from home. For reference, my wife has a RadRover Step Through (we bought them at the same time). She weighs a lot less than me by around 100 pounds. She still had 2 bars of battery left after this 32 mile ride.

Final words: Buy one. Especially if you are just getting started. Perhaps if you are an avid cyclist and have tons of cash, you may want something else. But, even the components that are not top of the line can be upgraded if you'd like. Oh, I also had an issue with FedEx losing one of the bikes for a couple of days in shipping. 100% out of the control of Rad, but their customer service went well above and beyond what I would have expected and kept in the loop with me and FedEx throughout. That gives me a ton of confidence in the company.

Rad Rover 5 review.

I was impressed the from the moment I opened the box. The riding experience is also MUCH better than I anticipated and it is a very good looking bicycle. I can’t believe how much I am impressed with the 5 level pedal assist.
My only problem is the gears are not meshing properly and after watching the video on how to make adjustments I am making progress on getting the shifting to work better. I am 75 years old with a heart condition and my doctor ordered 20 to 40 minutes a day of exercise so this bike couldn’t have come along at a better time. Thank you, I am very happy with my Rad Rover 5.

New rad5

Not an issue, rides great. Still testing battery usage and mileage. I haven't ridden far enough to use all the battery from full but I have gone 15 miles at a time a The power has held up. I do use pedal assist at varying levels. The fat tires ride so smooth. I have had it on just a few dirt trails, with some hills, and it has performed well. Thx, Frank

New Life

As a 72 year old male who damaged his back, I thought my days on a bike were over. Since not driving a car for 30 years and depending on the bike, I was worried. But then RadRunner came to the along and now I am able to ride again. I love it. It helps when I need it, but allows for the exercise as well.

Great Bike!

Great bike, cool design, awesome accessories, smooth ride. However, I wish it could go little faster and longer.

Excellent Bike!

I absolutely love my Rad City Step-Thru Bike! My partner had purchased the 2019 model in December 2019 and brought it to Florida. I then thought I'd like the same bike and purchased the 2020 Version 3. I am so glad I did. The bike fits me so well!

Best Purchase EVER!!

I really love my RadCity. I just hit 400 miles today and rarely find the need to get in my car. Quick errands deserve putting this "rad" bike into action. I have had no problems other than two flat tires from those nasty goat heads. Thankfully it happened on the front tire so changing was easy. I thoroughly enjoy my rides and go frequently. I can climb all hills with relative ease. My longest ride has been 35 miles and had plenty of battery left. They are easy to put together. I did buy a more comfy seat. Initial rides require practice and they are heavy so one has to be careful when dismounting. Love the throttle when starting up at a light and through an intersection. I am completely comfortable on this bike now. It took me about 2 weeks of rides to become familiar with the throttle, the gearing, and the pedal assist modes. I also needed a little time to manage the weight of this bike ( I was used to my light road bike). YOU WILL LOVE THIS BIKE! I PROMISE!!!


So, we have two bikes. I am a huge user. My wife is still getting through the awesome features. No BS. This is an awesome all in one electric bike!!!

RadRover Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike Version 1

Very pleased

Very high quality materials, seat is a little hard for me.

Easy , beautiful and powerful!

A few weeks ago I received the Rad Mini Step Thru as a gift from Rad Power Bikes. At first I was nervous I wouldn't be able to assemble it by myself but, in 30 minutes and with the help of their Youtube tutorial, I was able to bring this baby to life! It was easy, fun and I was so excited that I immediately took it out for a ride. Driving it feels like the perfect combination of a scooter and a bike, all while reducing my CO2 emissions! This bike has honestly exceeded my expectations! Love it, use it to go grocery shopping or to the beach or even to visit my family, and smile every time I see it! THANK YOU!

Duane S.

I have Parkinson’s disease. The bike has been a tremendous benefit to my daily exercise. Thank you

Still winter turning to mud season in Vermont, but have a few rides in

Almost got above freezing yesterday so did about 14 miles on the back roads of Lincoln. The power assist going uphill on soft muddy roads was amazing, there would be no way I could have done that myself. Even did a little Forest Service roads with some snow and ice. Looking forward to spring!

City 4 is all I had hoped

While this is my first Ebike, I wanted something that would provide some assistance on the hills of Vermont. I have had a 21 speed hybrid bike for several years, and the hills always turn a glorious ride into a draining chore. I find that the Rad City is a way to take the edge off the steep hills we have here. The quality of the bike is quite good, and I have found the Customer Support team to be exceptionally responsive to any question.
For my type of riding, which is mostly paved or cinder bike paths, and city streets, this is the perfect bike. Others who go off road frequently may wish to select another model. The fat tires seem to have a " cool factor" to them, but I'm not there yet.

The perfect run about bike!

I am a huge fan of ebikes and have quite wide variety of ebikes in my collection. This bike is defiantly in a category of its own. It gets a lot of compliments. I decided to go for the Forrest green which is a beautiful color. Just makes it that much more unique. The frame and the fat tires absorbs a lot of the bumps and imperfections on roads are almost no problem at all. Again not the same as having suspension but in my opinion it does not need one. Riding it on the road is just wonderful, the tires don’t have a lot of rolling resistance given its width. I decided to add the passenger seat and spend most of my time using the throttle. So far it has been reliable so far. I did make a few errors when I was purchasing some accessories, but the customer service was excellent!

2nd Rad power bike in less than a year

Loved my rad city step thru but really wanted a rad rover but couldn’t get my leg over the bar. Now that you have a rad rover step thru I got that also and like it but it is still very very tall for a step thru. I will make it work! 60 year old female and lovin it! Thank you

E-bikes gaining popularity

Bought this bike for my wife to commute to her various activities within our 55+ community. She loves the sturdiness and the pedal assist. I'm a traditional biker but I'll admit I've "borrowed" it a few times for fun.


My wife has a bad knee and has not biked with me for some years now we go a few miles everyday we can thanks to our rad bikes

Total Rad and still Roving

Had bike three months and still found nothing wrong with bike. Good ride, quality and service. #RadRover

Love the bikes

LOVE LOVE LOVE them. But the seat is very uncomfortable and finding that the handlebars and fenders scratch very easily

I Love it!!

I love my new Rad bike! We just went for a 22 mile ride...something that would have been difficult for us on a regular bike. The step-through bike is perfect for me because I am short. Great purchase...for sure I would recommend Rad bikes!

Hutch’s RAD

Love the bike. Just went on 13 mile ride and it was wonderful.

Shut down due to virus

Assembly was tedious, because of my big hands, but fairly straightforward. You should advise customers to have diagonal wire cutters on hand to get through all the zip ties. I think you could also have gotten away with a single speed belt drive.