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Happy in St. Louis

Purchased the RadRunner to help me navigate the city better and to ride rough trails in the country. Bike performs very well on both tasks. It's well built, has enough power, and is fun to ride!

2019 Radmini

At first the battery did not last very long. It came almost fully charged, so I did not put it on the charger before taking the bike for a 11 mile ride, at which point the meter was down to one bar. But since then the battery has only gotten stronger. After just three rides, I now ride over 14 miles and the battery only drops from five bars to four. This bike is so much fun that I am going to buy a second Radmini for my wife. People have stopped me, and rode the bike. Two of them have said they were going to buy one after experiencing the pull this bke has. I would highly recommend the purchase of a Radmini. Here it is in the snow.


Great bike

Rad city step through is an amazing bike.

Whst a fantastic bike. My wife enjoys riding bikes but has problems with hills and long distances. Problem solved. We love these bikes. We had a small problem while assembling one of them. I called the help line and they walked me through my problem quickly and efficiently. He even sent me pictures so I could see how it should look. We camp several times a year and cannot wait to take these with us on our next camping trip. If you have been thinking about buying an electric bike look no further than rad power bikes. The price point is perfect and the quality is outstanding. You will not be disappointed.

Two Folding Rad Mini’s

We bought the step through Mini for my wife and it was so good, that we then bought a Rad Mini for myself. They are great and we are enjoying bicycling again! Thanks for your prompt delivery and support. Rad rides for life!

Lots of fun

It's awesome. I can't wait for summer so I can ride it every day.

81 years old.

I feel that's it's marvelous. I have been riding almost every day and it's great to get outside and moving. Page 81 of the RadRunner manual suggests leaving the seat lower so that both feet are on the ground depending on ability. That certainly works for me as I get more practice.

My Dream Bike !

My RadRunner is a riot ! It is so fun, and is actually excellent to use as a high intensity interval training tool ! I am 60, and the assist is awesome when it comes to those killer hills I used to dread on my regular mountain bike. I do believe this thing could climb Mt. Kilimanjaro ! It is a little workhorse, and I am so glad I discovered Rad Power Bikes ! Thank You !

First Ebike Purchase

This was our first e-bike purchase and it's great. Great customer support and was a breeze to assemble. The only hitch was the shipping that was delayed, but not due to Radpower. Highly recommended.

Rad Runner

I like everything about the bike except I want more power. 1500 Watts for these hills in the San Francisco Bay area is needed.

Old man

I’m 62, love this bike


Enjoyed my initial rides and have commuted to work and back. Looking forward to the commutes and for when we go camping. Love the rad mini!

My wife is speaking to me again!

Surprised the Mrs this Holiday with a Rad Mini. We owned a large bicycle dealership years ago and she knows bicycles. My wife has not let her Rad Mini out of her sight, she absolutely loves it! Hours and hours of trouble free enjoyment! Thank You Rad Power Bikes for saving my marriage, forty-years-in May🎂


LOVE my new Rad EBike! I’ve been able to ride it even while my broken ankle was healing. Great bike!

sturdy and easy to assemble and fun to ride

Pleased! but with suggestions

I love riding my Step-through! So many good features for the price. But a suggestion--give the battery a handle, or some way to grip when removing or inserting. Handling this heavy smooth whale of a battery with sharp edges where it slides in has been a problem for me. It's hard to remove too. With all the warnings about dropping it, give us a little grip to prevent that. In the summer I'll just leave it on the bike more, but have been bringing it inside from the cold garage this winter.

I also have the front rack and small basket, which I wish were a bit less overbuilt and with mesh sides to contain small things better. I needed about an inch more than the seat post it came with allowed, so added the Suntour SP12 and am really pleased with the smooth ride in addition to the extra height.

Great Ride

Only riding for a week now. Love the ride bike is built with quality can’t wait to ride it more and more. Really can’t wait for it to pay for itself by not paying for parking and Subway.

Good Enough for Sub-zero

I bought this bike as a car replacement. I'm a father to six with twins on the way. We're going to be a one car family so my wife can have a better vehicle. Instead of getting a beater car for me to tool around in town and get to and from work, I opted for no gas, no insurance, and no problems. I live in Minnesota, so I quickly went out and found some studded tires to get me to and from the office. I've given my kids rides to school in below freezing temperature. I ride every day to work, rain or shine, and this bike has been amazing. The battery life is obviously cut a little short operating in sub-zero temps, and I'm anticipating getting a second battery sooner than most, but the way this bike is thought out it has saved me thousands already on a car, insurance, and gas, and is looking to be a fun beach cruiser around the lakes here in Minnesota. This bike really did replace my car, and I carry all my photo and video gear on it. I love it, and am thankful for my friend who recommended I look into it. It's a great bike and a new lifestyle I'm embracing.

Saving Time and Money

We bought two RadRunners after
our second car died. We live within 2 miles of almost everything we need to do on a daily basis. Swapping the extra car saved us an extra insurance payment and tag fees every year as well as depreciation, gas, wear and tear etc. I get compliments daily on my bike as I ride to work and everyone at the office digs it.

Think Skinned Morons

Rad Bikes sent a broken box, the incorrect information, and are unable to establish meaningful conversations with customers to improve. The company focuses way too much energy on "respectful communication" at the cost of being honest. They wanted me to open and assemble a bicycle that arrived in a nearly destroyed box with incomplete parts. I got the bike assembled in about 5 hours (mostly because I have a lot of experience as a bike mechanic). I can't see how a less experienced person could deal with this company. It is clear that Rad Bikes is filled with overly sensitive, entirely incompetent people who don't do their jobs. They will remain a low cost supplier and never scale.

Cool Ride

I am completely happy everytime I even see my bike, let alone ride it! When I am at work, I dream of riding. I can lift it into my car easily, one wheel at a time. Comfortable ride. Love my bike so much it deserves a name.


The bike is sturdy and easy function,. I went on trails yesterday and had a blast!


Love it

Work it!

I love my RadWagon! I ride it nine miles to work on pedal assist 5 and arrive to work sweat free! I pedal home on assist 1 with a good aerobic workout and shower in the privacy of my own home. Presently, in the morning it is about 36 degrees F, so, I am dressed in multiple layers.
It is dark and I have reflective clothing and additional lights on my helmet, but when I get home it is 30 - 35 degrees higher. The large black bags store my additional layers and boots.
I ride with a Smile both ways.

Super sad about getting RAD recommended financing

Bikes work. Received financing through Affirm. Now my email box just fills up with unwanted solicitations. Like a lot! Wish this experience could have been better.