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Very nice. Love it

Biking again

What a fabulous vehicle. I live in a hilly area and as I aged, didn't believe that I could bike and climb the hills that I need to to return home. This bike is a game changer. I am enjoying riding my bike to get to all the places I play tennis. I'm enjoying riding it on the horse trails to avoid traffic. I'm enjoying the exercise I get climbing the hills. I use the throttle mainly to get me started at a stop light. I use the gears and PAS for everything else. Even though I ride the horse trails, I have not made/used the adjustments for the front fork. Because I have to go down hill to leave my house, I anticipate heavy brake use. Can't get around that because for every hill there is a stop at the bottom...The bike with back rack and basket is about 75 lbs. and picks up speed all on it's own.
Totally fun!

Radrunner experiences

I mentioned earlier my wife also go a mini and she is working on her confidence, as for me, I was a little intimidated at first as well, but I soon became very comfortable with the machine, from an engineering back ground I have been very impressed with the quality of all the components

Absolutely LOVE my RadRover ST Bike - Let the Adventure Await!

Best purchase to date. These are so much fun and absolutely love every second of riding my RadRover Step-Thru Electric Fat Tire bike. We live at a beach and it does so well in sand. My love got the RadRover Fat Tire and we have had the best adventures on our bikes and pumped for many many more. It is fun for both of us and now we have an activity we both enjoy together! We will be taking them with us on all our travels. We recommend these to everyone of all ages -- makes you feel like a kid again!

My wife’s mini

My wife hasen’t had much time getting used to it , at first she was very intimidated, but we spent the weekend in our motorhome and did a lot of riding, she is getting more confident now and becoming comfortable

Newbie Rad owner X 2

Bought two RadRunners for myself and my wife for Valentines. Installed all the bells and whistle goodies one might need and we enjoyed riding them this past weekend in Paso Robles Ca. The area has lots of rolling hills but the bikes had plenty of power. We look forward to many more trips.

Dave’s Rad Mini ST 2020 Review

Very solid feeling ride. First 100 miles have gotten very comfortable with using assist levels, good disk brakes, limited throttle at start up, seat & handlebar adjustment, etc. Exceptionally comfortable and secure ride. No mechanical issues. Added under seat bag, throttle thumb control and rear Rad rack.

Great bikes.

We have a RadRover, Rad mini and a Rad city in our family. They are great bikes. We live in the desert area so we could ride quite a bit this winter and they all performed so well!

Super Fat Tire

This ebike is so much fun, I can go everywhere with it!😎 I live in Lee County, FL and they just opened a primitive bike trail that is awesome with this bike!

Rad mini

Love it have not ridden it yet still winter her and to much salt I did ride in my heated garage can’t wait to hit the road with it

My second Rover!

So glad you came out with the Stepthru version! Many years of contact sports has made my body a bit less flexible so dismounting became a problem. With the Stepthru problem solved!

Best money ever spent

I love my 2019 red rover I rode 400 miles in three months never thought I would see that kind of road or a bicycle nothing but fun

Love It!

When I first started looking at the RadRovers in June of 2019, I knew I wanted one but was thinking it would be to big for me, so I kept looking and waiting. And the next thing I knew it was 2020 and the RadRover Step-Thru was introduced. So I ordered it, and when it arrived I took it out of the box and was still wondering if I ordered the right one, because it is a big bike. Now that I have had it a while and have a few miles on it I love it and look forward to going for a ride.

Love our Minis!

My husband and I are 60 somethings. We bought 2 Rovers last year. We rode them 600 miles and really enjoyed every minute but felt they were a little too much for us to handle as we are both some what “shortish” “height challenged” so we decided to purchase Minis. They are a much better fit for us! Love both Rover and Minis just more comfortable on the smaller Minis!

Way Fun!

This is actually a second review - but riding is Way Fun and I can go farther for longer. Pedal assist is the best!

New Rad mini step thru folding

Only have 10 miles. Keep in mind the phrase “only get one chance to make a first impression “. Y’all knocked it out of the park. Fit and finish awesome!! Ride smooth and electronics perform beautifully. Every ride draws admiration. With your referral program , If just some buy I’ll have start on our second one!!
Thx for a quality product!!

Sweet Ride!

I bought 2 RadRunners for my wife and I. They are a pleasure to ride. And the 750W motor delivers plenty of power. Last week we went up a 12% grade trail using just the throttle with ease, The only thing we needed to do when we got the bikes was buy better seats, the OEMs are a little hard. But we absolutely love these bikes!

I sure like it’s super fun

Excellent well thought out design and quality

I don't typically buy much of anything retail, bought a RAD step through for my wife as she has a foot condition that makes it difficult to power walk with me anymore. This bike has allowed us to continue to get out and exercise together. From the packaging to the pedals to the electronics and lights to the manual, every little detail has been well thought out, planned, and executed to construct this bicycle. Plus it's soooo fun to ride! A lot of bike and quality for the money!


love it , and so do my great grand children.

It’s incredible

The bike had exceeded my expectations and I love riding it. I can tell a lot of thought went into it’s creation and manufacturing.

I’m forgetting how soon I should bring it in. I’m worried—because of pot holes—that the wheels need to be trued.

Excellent bike for the price

Most of my high school years were spent riding a BMX bike and this bike has brought back so many memories of riding through my neighborhood as a child. The quality of welds, the durability of the fame, and the overall concept of the bike are so well produced. The bike even has working brake lights! I have enjoyed the bike so much I recently recommended a friend to buy one and they also love their new bike.

Love it

Ride my bike every day. To and from work

Best $1500 I ever spent

Had it less than 24 hours and LOVE it. Took less than an hour to assemble very simple and good instructions on procedure. I won't lie I didn't buy this to get excersize, just the opposite actually, and don't plan on doing any real offroad use so I lower the seat down as low is it goes and I ride it like a motorcycle using the throttle. With a little playing around on the control panel it easily does 27 mph. Radically fun.

Weather isn't cooperating!

I have ridden it yet as the weather is not been good. But can't wait for the spring.