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Satisfied Customer

RAD listens to customers and critics, then makes products better.
Great package and price. Shipping practices are also top notch.

Absolutely Thrilled!

We believed we wanted alRad City Step through models but after a trial ride we KNEW these were the bikes for us! We couldn’t be happier with their performance, battery life and variable assist levels. Thanks so much!!

Love Rad City

The throttle, the power regenerating brakes, the sturdiness of the bike: I love them all. It’s a bit of a beast of a bike, but I feel safe and love my rides, especially that it’s pretty much carbon free

Great e bike

Neighbor bought an e bike and paid twice the price but not twice the bike . I highly recommend buying a rad bike!!

Best Everything Bike

I love this bike. It does everything. Cargo bike, family bike, commuter bike, off road, etc.

Fun and practical!

I’ve been really enjoying the Radrunner. We’ve been able to hold off on getting a second family car, and it has surprisingly handled all the hills I’ve thrown at it. I would highly recommend the Radrunner if you’re considering getting an ebike.

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

Early on

So far I have enjoyed my rad power bike, it makes getting around fun and easy. It is very very very heavy though, making it a little difficult to park and you have to heave all 70 lbs of it (110lbs with the passenger on the back) up in order to use the kickstand. I am also disappointed that rad has not prepared installation instructions for any of the accessories. It would be a 5-star review otherwise. Overall, I am so far quite pleased. Hope it holds up for years to come.

I have only 100 miles and the bike and I have a little noisy issue and the cassette from back wheel is all ready loos can you please help in this problems

Greetings Fernando, Thanks for your review. In regards to your freewheel, we'll have a member of our Product Support team reach out to you right away!

RadCity Electric Commuter Bike

I feel like a kid again

I'm 64 and live in a super hilly Seattle neighborhood. Now I cruise on my Rad Runner to the beach, the grocery store, the library, pretty much wherever I want to go. I like the freedom to 'exersize' as much or as little as I want. In short, I'm having a gas.

The best bike EVER!

Our RadRunner is so fun, sturdy, affordable, and backed by top notch customer service.

Enjoying the ride!

My Radrunner garners a lot of fun looks/questions which I'm happy to answer while at a stoplight with other cyclists. Because it's unique and I sit upright, I feel safer/more visible to cars. Coming from a non-electric cargo bike, this benefit was similar. Now with the pedal assist, I can easily 'take the lane' in 20 mph speed zones, get thru intersections with an easy flick of the throttle, both of which cars appreciate and increase my visibility/safety.
The integrated front and brake lights are hugely appreciated--Riding along the dark, dark greenbelt they lit my way even without a headlamp (which I usually have but found myself without on that particular evening).
I'm working on a new seat that's more comfortable to pedal longer distances. Would love a plug/play option from Radbike. I ordered the seat and now need to get it mounted to a post.
I've been experimenting with how long the battery holds a charge, we're on day 6, at 3 bars with, 15-25 miles on the bike. Overnight freezing temps don't seem to have much degradation on battery life.
The cargo piece is what sold me--Can carry my 78 lb son to school and run errands after, though I have yet to trick it out for passengers. I'd also love to purchase foot pegs only and make the back more similar to my cargo ride with a ring for him to hold onto and a softer seat.
Loving my sweet new ride!
Jenny in Idaho

Outstanding (except for the seat)

I absolutely love my Radrunner. Solid build, easy to operate and incredibly fun. Only issue is the seat—it’s really uncomfortable on anything but short rides. I purchased a padded cruiser bike seat and it’s much better, and still works well with the passenger kit. Other suggestion is to make the center console cup holder a bit wider so it can fit most water bottles. All in all, this is my favorite purchase in a long, long while.

Great Commuter Bike

Was hesitant to go electric, as I had been riding my standard bike for some time, however my commute has several challenging hills and with no shower facilities at work was looking for help on the hills so I could continue to commute to work and still enjoy riding. The RAD Mini has been the perfect fit.

Initial review

Everything is good so far, only got one ride in for about 10 miles. Only disappointment is that both this bike and my wife's city step through had the bent derailleur guard upon arrival with no visible damage to that part of the box . Company has to look into this, everyone reports this issue. It appears it maybe a assembly or packing issue. Otherwise very pleased with performance of the bike

Great Electric Bike

Having lots of fun riding the bike. It is sturdy and comfortable to ride

Great Bike

I love everything about the bike……my only issue with the Mini is that is it awkward when folded.

Awesome bike!

I ordered the new RadRunner bike on the first day it was available. Received it timely and in perfect condition. The bike is awesome, and really fun to ride! I have bad knees, so I pretty much only use it on full electric, and the battery lasts forever! I've already installed fenders and ordered a front rack.
The only negative I have is that the saddle is fairly uncomfortable, so I went to my local bike shop and upgraded it.
I would definitely recommend it!

Love my City Step-Thru

I have had my City ST a few weeks and already have over 100 miles on it. Rad customer service is fantastic, I took my CIty ST to my LBS to get a tune up/safety check and they told me I had a bent rotor, I reached out to Rad and they immediately sent me a new one with and allocation for the repair. I would definitely get another Rad bike!

Love the other models just bit more

I tried all of the previous models before buying the Rad Runner unseen. It's good, but I like the other models better. The main reason is the gearing on the other bikes. The Rad Runner has a single gear set with 4 levels of motor assist. At higher levels of assist, the the pedals have little resistance so it makes it awkward to try to pedal. One final note, the Rad Runner should come with the back fender installed. It was hell to get that thing on. Now, I still love the bike but I love the other Rad Bikes, more.


Love the bike ... nice smooth ride ... great for the price .. nice style ... owner of radmini

Super fun and good looking with a few improvements needed.

Let me start out by saying that the customer service is very friendly and responsive. You may be asking how I know this already with a brand new bike. The unboxing and initial setup went fine with both the written directions and video tutorial. This was my first e bike so I did not realize that the rear wheel should freewheel. It did not - the rear brakes were so tight that they were locked up right out of the box. I adjusted them the best I could based on directions sent to me by customer service, but there was still a repetitive squeak while riding. (These were eventually repaired by a bike shop - more on that later.) The seat is really hard and uncomfortable. I’m in the process of getting a cloud-9 seat with a suspension post. It sucked that I had to remove the rear wheel and snip zip ties just to install the rear fender option. I had to disassemble the tail light because whoever built the bike must have been hungover and it was totally crooked, but they cinched down on the bolt so hard that it deformed the plastic. Then I could not get any brand of mirror from the local bike shop or local big box store to fit inside the handlebar. They are a strange diameter - too small. Customer service had no suggestion for a mirror. That seems like something they should stock when you are cruising on roads at 20 mph. I had to modify an el cheapo eBay mirror and then it worked well bolted to the handlebar end cap. The passenger package is nice but whoever designed it didn’t account for the wiring to the tail light. The spoke guard on the non-chain side does not sit flush with the frame because the wire run to the tail light impedes it. Then I got an email that my “first production run” bike did not have a guard installed on the controller and Rad was going to pay a local bike shop to install it. That was a very nice gesture. I was able to get Rad to also cover my rear brake adjustment since I was unable to get them adjusted perfectly, since they were locked up out of the bo...


I was told to get my rad mini folding bike I would have to order online and have it delivered. The showroom person assured me if I could not get it together myself I could bring it in for help. (Did not mention there was a fee). I received my bike and attempted to put it together but it did not come with everything you need a (torque wrench and bicycle grease) so I had no choice but to take it to Rad Power bike to finish the job. Super frustrating. Then I purchased the fenders and again had a very hard time putting them on but found a friend who managed to get them on. So far its been more stress than fun. I have shaved maybe 15-20 min off my morning bike commute by riding with the rad mini. Its pretty heavy and hard to get it on my car bike rack by myself.

Arrived in Perfect Condition!!!

RadMini was a birthday gift (to myself) for my 60th birthday! In 3 weeks, I’ve racked up over 250 miles. The hills I used to shy away from are now a breeze to ascend and I’m actually riding twice as far as my former bicycle fitness workout. The integrated lights and brake activated tail light are a great safety feature that I use even in daytime and not having to deal with disposable batteries to power the lights is a welcome relief. Love my RadMini!!!