Average reduction in delivery times

10 min.

Improvement in delivery efficiency


Prefer our ebikes over other brands

It should come as no surprise that faster deliveries mean happier customers. To that extent, an ebike by Rad Power Bikes has been shown to cut delivery times by 25% on average.


With an ebike, your delivery team can sidestep traffic, avoid the hunt for parking spots, and ultimately boost delivery efficiency by 10 minutes in urban-dense environments.

Restaurants that have completely converted to our ebikes report that the move has improved their bottom line by 1% -- even with the one-time cost of a new fleet.


But that’s not all.


Since ebikes don’t require drivers licenses or a vehicle, you can expand your pool of applicants, giving you the power to never be short-staffed again.



Delivery Options


Electric Utility Bike

$1,199 MSRP


Fully optimized from the ground up, the RadRunner electric utility bike is the result of our value-innovation approach at every turn of the product development process. This means high-quality ebikes stacked with power, range, and comfort at an accessible price of $1,199.

RadCity Step-Thru 3

Electric Commuter Bike

$1,499 MSRP


With an integrated rear rack, optional front rack, and modular baskets, the RadCity is the go-to rig for messengers, couriers, and anyone looking to accelerate deliveries of small to medium sized orders.

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