Rental Fleet Resources

Here is some information to help you get started with planning your business. Contact us if there is anything else you might need.


Why go with us?

Take a look at our Rental Fleet Presentation for information on pricing, our product offering, and what sets us apart.

Best Practices

For guidance on best practices when running your business please take a look at our Keys to Rental Fleet Success presentation.

Success Stories

Zipp Ebikes

Offers ebike rentals and tours in Galveston, Texas utilizing the RadRover, RadWagon, RadMini Step-Thru, RadCity Step-Thru, and RadRunner.

Big Sur Adventures

Offers ebike rentals and tours in Northern California utilizing the RadRover, RadWagon, RadMini, RadCity, and RadCity Step-Thru.

Cabo Adventures

Offers ebike tours in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico utilizing the RadRover.

Booking Partners


We have partnered with PeekPro to provide an online booking platform to rental fleets.


We have partnered with Spinlister Pro to provide a web-based booking tool to make it easier for your customers to book rentals online and in-person. Spinlister offers even more exposure through their landing page for bike rentals across the country and is a go-to for many tourists.

Beeline Assembly

Get your shop listed as a professional assembly option for new customers purchasing ebikes


Liability Waiver

This sample Liability Waiver can be paraphrased and used to create your own. Have yours reviewed by an attorney prior to implementing.


Our recommendation for commercial ebike business insurance.


Want to pay over time? Learn more about our recommendation for simple and easy B2B financing.

Safety Checklist

Our recommended pre/post ride checklist to ensure your bike looks good for the next rider.


Looking for an easy way to onboard renters? Check out our simple and straight forward operations video!


Online Presence

Squarespace is an easy to use website builder with lots of pre-built templates.

Graphic Design

Make professional social media posts, brochures, posters, and more with ease.


Spare Parts

It's a good idea to keep spare parts on hand to maintain your fleet, here's what we recommend.

Service Intervals

Our recommendations for when certain components should be serviced for optimum performance.


Investing in a quality set of professional bike tools can make maintenance a breeze.

Bike Stand

Another must-have piece of equipment for maintaining your fleet.

Safety & Security


Keep track of your fleet with this onboard GPS solution.

Helmets & Locks

Keep your customers and your fleet safe with quality and reliable helmets and bike locks.