8 Valentine Ideas for a Rad Date

Couple sits with a picnic next to their Rad Power Bike.

By Amie Comber & Heidi Jenkins

Those who ride together, stay together. Check out our suggestions of simple, fun ways to hop on your electric bike and delight your sweetheart while making your date more Rad.

1. Culinary Cupid

If you live near a market bursting with wares from local vendors, read no more - your date night is set. Hop on your Rad Power Bike(s) and head out to your favorite farmer’s market. This time of year may find you in an indoor market - even better! No risk of rain or hail for you. Park and lock your ebike, grab a hot cocoa, then wander the stalls for fresh foods you can whip up into a romantic meal.

Make it extra: Still want to get each other a gift? Go your separate ways to find a present on-site. You can set a time limit, budget, or guidelines (such as it must be dessert!).

Woman loads food bags on her Rad Power Bike.

2. Book Lovers

Calling all book-lovers, or folks that love grabbing new ones for their shelves (we see you). How about giving the local bookstore some love and cruising over to each pick out a new read? You can turn it into a delightful evening in, complete with cozy blankets and candles. Enjoy the time to slow down, step away from screens, and take some much-needed down time.

3. Progressive Dinner

You have your ebike - let’s put it to delicious use! A “progressive dinner” is just what it sounds like - a dinner that progresses as you travel. Progressing in entree size, taste, spice-level, or expense - that’s up to you!

If you’re struggling to make reservations for the big day (especially at multiple locations), this is an idea that can easily be done at casual, stop-in joints, or as a plan between friends and neighbors. Assign courses to each participant, and map your route to the next course’s location or house. Stuffed after the last course? Not to worry - you have pedal-assist to get you home.

4. Going on a Rad Hunt

And we’re going to have fun. Are we scared? No! Creating a scavenger hunt just might be the best date idea - and also require the most work. First, map out a course of fun spots where you and your partner can ride. Consider if you want to make it sights, nature, food spots, or all of the above (you can even fit in a stop to a flower shop!). Second, ride the course the day before and plant your clues. Finally, get riding - don’t forget pics of the day. After all, the best Valentine’s present is the memories you’ll make.

Man ebikes across blue bridge.

5. Pack a Picnic

Sure, it’s February and may be a wee bit cold. Yet when was the last time you packed a picnic and spent an afternoon out at a park? Weather permitting, load up your bike basket with your favorite snacks or charcuterie-style-spread, and ride to a romantic outdoor spot. You not only get fresh air during your meal, but on your ride!

6. Get Crafty

The couples who play together, stay together. Challenge your partner to trying something new - whether that’s tapping into your artistic side with pottery, painting, or cooking, or participating in an activity such as a foot-race, paint-balling, or paddleboarding - there are endless things to learn and do. Luckily for you, many of them are just a Rad ride away.

7. Shoot Your Shot

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, and also how we somehow routinely forget to take pictures with the people closest to us. Let’s change that. It’s simple. Throw on something you feel good in, head on out to a spot that holds memories or feels aesthetic, and snap some new pictures (have a polaroid? Go old-school!). The best pictures capture a feeling and tell a story. And we all know the tale as old as time: Those who ride together, stay together.

Couple stares out at ocean next to their ebikes.

8. Give Love. Receive Love.

They say you should have a servant’s heart with your partner. Put it into use by serving others as your V-day outing. Don’t know where to start? Find something you’re passionate about, such as animals, the planet, hunger, etc., and search for options in your location. You’ll most likely need to sign up at an organization, registering you and your partner for a location and time. Then, pack up your ebike for a memorable time knowing you made a difference - together.


Psssssst still want to get your sweetheart something tangible? What about the gift of Rad? Purchase an e-gift card (also available in our retail centers as physical cards). Print it out and pop it in their valentine.


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