• Four photos of Anita Elder posing with her Rad electric bike after charity rides.

    Meet the Rad Red Rider

    Meet Our Riders
    Rad Rider Anita Elder is pedaling for a cause!
  • (Rad) Power Couple- a couple on Rad Power ebikes

    (Rad) Power Couple

    Meet Our Riders
    For one Ohio couple, a single ride led to a very Rad romance.
  • Various takeout dishes and sodas arrayed on a table, including pizza and fish and chips.

    Delivering a Game Day Win

    How does a delivery cyclist handle the pressures of Sunday's big game? We caught up with a Rad rider in Philadelphia to find out.
  • A woman gets two kids ready alongside her RadWagon

    It's Bike To School Season!


    From kindergarten to college, an ebike is the Raddest way to get to class. Here are a few stories from the students and parents that inspire us.

  • A woman stands in the woods with an electric cargo bike equipped with barbershop gear.

    A Cut Above the Rest

    Meet Our Riders
    Electric bikes can be used for more than commuting, exercise and errands. Check out this barbershop on wheels. 
  • A woman gardens alongside a RadRover 6 Plus electric bike.

    7 Surprising Uses for an Electric Bike

    Our riders are using ebikes for gardening, skiing, golf, and even a barbershop business. Check out these rides!
  • A person rides a Rad Power Bike loaded with pottery supplies.

    A Sculptor Crafts a New Way to Travel

    Meet Our Riders
    Pottery supplies in an ebike? A sculptor leaves the car behind and carves a new path using her RadCity Step-Thru.
  • Man walks from the ocean to his RadWagon 4 ebike.

    Surf’s Up with Rad Rider Mike

    A surfer needed a bike powerful enough for hills, and long enough to haul his board. See how our electric cargo bike helps get him to the beach.
  • Corey and Felly pose on their RadWagon and RadRunner during a ride in the park.

    The Rad Family Life

    Meet Our Riders
    Having fun, climbing hills, running errands, and picking up ice cream. Electric bikes help this family do it all.
  • Seattle-photographer Nicole poses with her RadRunner Plus by a lake

    The Ride, In Focus

    Meet Our Riders
    For this Seattle-based photographer and Rad Rider, the perfect shot's always within reach.
  • A Rad Mother’s Day with Pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani

    A Rad Mother’s Day with Pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani

    Meet Our Riders

    Snowboard pioneer Kimmy Fasani shares how her electric bike helps her family explore more and keep breaking new ground. 

  • Finding Freedom and Fresh Air in Brooklyn

    Finding Freedom and Fresh Air in Brooklyn

    Meet Our Riders
    When she's not shaking up the fashion scene, Kiara Marshall is using a RadRunner to enjoy New York's outdoor life.

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