Tina Still Keeps On Truckin' | Rad Stories

Tina Still Keeps On Truckin' | Rad Stories

It should come as no surprise that movement is the theme that has kept Tina Still going for all these years.


At 63, the former truck driver from Big Sandy, Texas, faces each new day with a simple approach: Just go.


It’s a philosophy that landed Still behind the wheel of a big rig during a time when most truck stops didn’t even have women’s restrooms. Then it’s what led her to become a school bus driver, her first job where she would haul cargo that could, for better or worse, talk back.


It’s also what made her decide to buy a RadWagon.


“I like to drive big things,” Still explained. "That bike has been an amazing adventure in my daily life.”


Whether it’s getting out in nature or chauffeuring her pups Teddy and Murphy around in her camper, Simpli Gypsi, Still showed us how life off the truck is a life most Rad. 



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