Halloween Treats from Rad Power Frights

It's October 31, so you know what that means. Rad rider beware, you're in for a scare!

It's one of our favorite days of the year over here, and we've been huddled over our cauldrons all week to brew up three ghoulish goodies that we hope you'll think are a scream!



1. Zombie Survival | Riding Rad 


In this special Halloween edition of "Riding Rad," we demonstrate how a RadRunner can help you survive a zombie apocalypse and navigate the world of the living dead.




2. Rad Power Scares


What's wrong with a little scream among co-workers? We like to have fun at Rad HQ, so we put on some costumes and hid in dark corners. How would you have reacted?




3. The Performance Review  


Ever feel brain-drained at the end of your workday? Is your energy level akin to the walking dead? These Rad employees must have picked up a case of the Mondays.  



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