What's in an Electric Bike Category Name?

What's in an Electric Bike Category Name?

If you could be on an electric bike right now, what would you be doing? Would you be cruising through the woods with your camping gear in tow? Zooming across the city in search of new sights? Maybe you’d be taking the kids out for some fresh air while you squeeze in some exercise after a long day in front of the laptop.

Whatever your ideal ride looks like, we have a bike built to handle it. The next step is making sure you match with the right one. To that end, we’ve placed our ebikes into four categories: off-road, city, cargo, and folding.

You may notice that some of our electric bikes fall into more than one category. This was by design. We know that some riders need to check off a few more boxes than others.

Just remember, regardless of which of our electric bikes you ultimately go with, you'll have a powerful motor, a battery that can help you go up to 45+ miles on a single charge, varying degrees of pedal assist, and a twist grip throttle* when you just want the bike to do the work for you. Don't let this stop you from riding a RadMini to work or camping with a RadCity. Our goal is to guide you, not pigeonhole you.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what you can expect from each category.

Electric Bikes for the City

For the rider seeking urban adventure and a sweat-free commute.

Electric city bikes’ mission is to carry you and your gear from place to place in an urban environment as efficiently, comfortably, and sustainably as possible.

They’re built with a focus on urban functionality. The tough, grippy, and efficient tires are designed to be absolutely awesome on pavement — even in the rain.  You're probably not going to be smashing over roots and rocks up in the mountains with a city bike, but with a design that keeps you comfortable on longer rides and with a whole lineup of to-do list crushing accessories, you’ll sure as heck be in a position to ride every single day. 


Electric Bikes for Off-Road 

For outdoor enthusiasts craving open-air fun.

An electric off-road bike can carry you and your gear across rough terrain where other bikes wouldn't feel as safe or stable. They're built for the wild, which means they’re the perfect electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping or nearly anything else you can imagine doing in the great outdoors.

They're designed with control and stability in mind. This means knobby, fat tires and suspension forks that allow your wheels to maintain a solid connection to roots, rocks, and even sand. You might not get the same range that you do on your city bike, and the big tires might make a little more noise on pavement, but you'll be able to go places no other Rad model can take you. Plus, you'll have the ability to gear up for any adventure, thanks to a powerful geared hub motor and a full lineup of accessories. 


  • Radwagon 4
  • Radrunner Plus

Electric Bikes for Cargo and Utility

For those who need to haul it all.

An electric cargo bike is not just tasked with carrying you and your gear. It's designed to make it easy — whether you're carrying kids or cargo. That means easy to stop and start, easy to load and unload, and easy to handle for the ride in between.

They're built with a focus on payload and stability. The small(er) wheels lower the center of gravity, and a long wheelbase also helps increase stability, even when heavily loaded. Our lineup of accessories let you customize your bike for nearly any task, from hauling groceries to shuttling around other passengers. The rigid built-in racks carry more weight with less wiggle and their sturdy kickstands keeps the bike stable during loading and unloading. 


  • Radmini Step-Thru 2
  • Radmini 4

Folding Electric Bikes

Who needs a garage? Electric folding bikes save the day when you're short on space.

These electric folding bikes are designed for tight spots, whether that’s a one-bedroom studio apartment or the interior of an RV.

Featuring an easily adjustable seat post, collapsible handlebars, and a center hinge, you can conveniently store your electric bike in an RV or your trunk, making them ready to go whenever you are. And with fat, rugged tires, it’s a multi-terrain electric folding bike for city dwellers and nature lovers alike. Don’t be afraid to take it off the beaten path. The RadMini has multiple safety redundancies to help prevent accidental unlatching. 


*Independent Throttle feature not available in all countries.


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