The Ride, In Focus

Seattle-photographer Nicole poses with her RadRunner Plus by a lake

When you’re spending time behind a camera, finding the perfect shot sometimes means finding the perfect spot.

That’s just one of the reasons why Seattle-based photographer Nicole turns to her RadRunner Plus whenever she hits the road for an on-the-go photo shoot.

"My ebike became an extension of me." - Nicole, Verified Rad Rider


“I know other photographers that still haven’t been able to get to the locations I get to,” she told Rad Power Bikes. “When I tell them where I’ve been, they usually say ‘well, I don’t know how I’d get there. I’d have to walk forever.’”

For almost two years, Nicole’s discovered countless ways that a Rad Power Bike makes it easier to practice her art, whether that’s effortlessly lugging a fully-loaded camera bag across the city or inviting a friend to hop on so that they can spend an afternoon serving as a model.

Seattle-photographer Nicole poses with her RadRunner Plus by a lake

“It’s essential. It’s who I am." - Nicole, Verified Rad Rider


And when inspiration strikes, she never needs to turn it down.

“It gives me the freedom to just get up and go, which is a big, big thing,” she explained. “I don’t have to wait for a ridershare or spend time finding a parking spot.”

It’s a perk she’s enjoyed since her first ride. Minutes after Rad Mobile Service dropped off her new ebike, she was on the move.

“I didn’t even go inside after I got it,” she said. “I jumped on, went to a couple of shops, and rode down to Green Lake Park. I knew it was just going to be Rad the rest of the day.”

“I was literally giggling out loud,” she added. “It was just like riding a regular bicycle. It was that easy.”

Seattle-photographer Nicole rides her RadRunner Plus down a paved bridge.

“It gives me the freedom to just get up and go ... I don’t have to wait for a ridershare or spend time finding a parking spot.” - Nicole, Verified Rad Rider


Hundreds of rides later and Nicole’s still excited whenever she gets on the saddle — and she never misses an opportunity to share that with the countless strangers who come up to ask about her awesome ride.

“My ebike became an extension of me,” Nicole said. “It’s essential. It’s who I am. It’s how I get around, have fun, and even get my groceries. Without it, it’s just not a regular day for me.”

Thanks to Nicole for helping us all see the bigger picture. We’ll see you on the bike path!


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