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Corey and Felly pose on their RadWagon and RadRunner during a ride in the park.

Whether it’s grabbing ice cream with their kids or just hitting up a park on the weekend, Seattle-based parents Corey and Felie are proof that families that ride together thrive together.

“Our ebikes get the four of us out of the house, away from TV screens and video games,” Corey told us. “It makes us feel connected. Some people would say board game night is that. For us, it’s biking.”

A family poses next to their electric bikes in a Seattle park.

“It makes us feel connected. Some people would say board game night is that. For us, it’s biking.” - Corey, Verified Rad Rider

That’s a power they discovered when they first purchased a RadWagon over five years ago. While they’ve always been an active family, the two-wheeled addition to the household opened the doors up for even more adventures — especially when they realized it could help them conquer their city’s notorious inclines.

“It makes me feel like I can conquer the hills. With an electric bike, it’s a breeze,” Felie said. “Without it, we’d never be as excited to go on a family bike ride.”

A family of four pose with their RadWagon and RadRunner outside of their home.

“Without it, we’d never be as excited to go on a family bike ride.” - Felie, Verified Rad Rider

And when they’re not loading up for a picnic or inviting the in-laws out to join them for a ride, they’ve found it has the added benefit of doing pretty much every other task a family on-the-go could find on their to-do list.

“I'm a mom, so I always come prepared. These bikes carry everything,” Felie explained. “We’ll drop off the girls at school, then hop on the bike to pick up groceries, then come back that afternoon for the pick-up.”

Needless to say, this kind of convenience has caught the eye of the other parents out there.

A mother and daughter ride a RadWagon through a park, with the daughter seated on the back smiling.

“We definitely get a lot of head turns,” Felie said. “People don’t realize they can do this with their kids too.”


You must be 16 or older to operate a Rad Power Bikes ebike. Children under the age of 16 may lack the necessary judgment and skill to safely operate the ebike. A parent or legal guardian should always decide whether a child should operate or ride on an electric bike or any other vehicle.

Some localities may require ebike riders to be older than 16, so know and obey local regulations regarding rider age and other qualification.


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