A Cut Above the Rest

A woman stands in the woods with an electric cargo bike equipped with barbershop gear.

Everyone knows that electric bikes are great for commuting, picking up the kids, and dropping off dry cleaning, but did you know that they can actually help you look your best?

Or, in the words of C’Mon Barber founder Tara Morgan, “get spiffy, stay classy.”

That’s the catchy slogan from Tara’s business, which can be best described as a barber shop on wheels.

A woman stands on a rural road with an electric cargo bike equipped with barbershop gear. A text overlay says "C'mon Baber: Get Spiffy, Stay Classy"
Photo Credit: Elise Giordano


Launched during the height of lockdown in 2020, she uses her Rad Cargo ebike to traverse the roads of Vashon Island, a ferry ride from Seattle, to provide on-the-spot haircuts for locals and tourists.

“I was just laid off and most of the stuff that I was working on was on hiatus, so people started asking me to cut their hair,” Tara told us.

To get out of that hairy situation, Tara came up with a mobile service that would allow her to style clients safely in the open-air.

“The first thing I bought was a Rad ebike,” Tara said. “It was actually my first capital purchase for the business, other than a pair of shears.”

“We don't say scissors,” she added, letting us in on a little a secret of the trade. “We say shears, you know.”

With the ebike secured, Tara was able to breeze up Vashon’s steep hills with all of the necessities in-tow.

“I carry clips, sanitizer, shears, electric clippers, guards, brushes, bandaids, business cards, stickers, a snack.” she said. “Oh, and the most important thing in the kit: my Pokémon cards.”

Sure, not every stylist collects cards, but after giving a couple a trim, their young child gave her one of the trading cards as a gift. She soon found that having a binder full of them was a pretty great icebreaker for kids who might be nervous about getting their ears lowered.

The business quickly became a hit, with Tara ’s innovative solution to shuttered barber shops landing her in both the local and national news. But beyond the attention and steady stream of new clients, what she really appreciated about the venture was the chance to connect with her community.

“The ebike provides a lot of relatability. It’s a conversation starter,” Tara explained. “It helps me relate to people who appreciate sustainability, people who appreciate eco-consciousness, kids who appreciate bikes, and people who can relate to ingenuity or being creative with your business.”

To that end, one of her favorite services she offers is the "Family Trim-Up" good for up to four haircuts in one visit. She'll give a haircut to mom, dad, grandparents, or the kids — and the occasional neighbor or two who wander over to check out her ride.

While Tara still does house calls, these days she splits her time between the road and the barbershop she built from a converted delivery van and opened last summer.

However, even when on four wheels instead of two, the barber continues to celebrate her neighbors by selling goods made by the community’s artisans, like fresh baked bread and locally-sourced beard balm.

A woman stands in the woods with an electric cargo bike equipped with barbershop gear.
Photo Credit: Elise Giordano


“We're a very sustainably-minded community. We take our recycling and zero waste really seriously,” she said. “It’s part of the culture, to be kind to the environment and be outdoorsy.”

“And, of course, to not drive everywhere,” she added.

With that kind of outlook, it’s easy to see why this ebike barber is a cut above the rest. Stay spiffy.


Visiting Vashon soon? Contact Tara at www.cmonbarber.com.

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