"How Often Does My Bike Need Maintenance?"

"How Often Does My Bike Need Maintenance?"

Taking your ebike in for service is a natural part of the ownership experience.

Over the course of hundreds and thousands of Rad miles (and a whole lot of fun!), brake pads get thinner, chain lubricant washes away, and tire tread breaks down.

But while wear and tear is a guarantee, occasionally turning to a trusted professional can keep you riding Rad for years.


Just how often should you be heading in for maintenance?


As a rule, we recommend a basic tune-up at least every six months or 750-1,250 miles, but keeping an eye on how, where, and when you ride can help you develop a more personalized routine.


If you're scheduling a basic diagnostic or tune-up at a reputable bike shop, you can expect services that will cover your brakes, derailleurs, chain, wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, and tires. Most providers will also offer overhauls, which generally include the same items as a tune-up, but will likely include replacing parts.


We'll look at what sort of service interval might be realistic for a range of riders, but remember that your results may vary with your riding and the environment.


As always, make sure you're following the pre-ride safety checklist in the most current edition of your manual



The Commuter


City rides are full of hard, sudden stops. By observing a steady maintenance schedule, you can make sure your brakes will always operate to the best of their abilities.


You live to ride and ride to live. Every day begins by tearing up a bike lane and ends with a headlight guiding your path.


You use pedal assist pretty often, carry a lot of weight, and take on big hills, even in the snow, salt, and mud. Because you're working your parts harder, they’ll wear faster, which means they'll likely need a little more TLC.


How often you ride: Every day.

Miles: 15-20.

Terrain: Large hills, city traffic.

Cargo: Passengers, groceries, odds and ends.


 Service Intervals

 Miles  Service
 Every 100  Check-Up
 Every 300  Tune-Up
 Every 1,000  Overhaul







The Weekend Warrior


Dirt and grit can wear down your chain. They’re cheap and easy to replace, and if you catch it early enough in the process you'll be able to extend the life of the rest of your bike dramatically.


You don't take your bike out daily, but when you use it, you really use it. After all, it's the weekend.


You're relying on a moderate amount of pedal assist and carrying some cargo. You’re not stopped by rain or dirt but may opt to skip your ride when it gets particularly nasty outside. 


How often you ride: Several times a week.

Miles: 10-15.

Terrain: Some hills, nature.

Cargo: Gear, extra clothes, lunch.


 Service Intervals

 Miles  Service
 Every 150  Check-Up
 Every 300  Tune-Up
 Every 1,200  Overhaul







The Casual Rider


If you ride on generally flat ground, then your brakes will require service less frequently than a rider blasting down massive hills on a daily basis. 


When it's nice out, your bike's out. What better way to get some fresh air than a nice day trip?


You're using a good amount of pedal assist and not carrying a lot of cargo. You're also riding in nice conditions in a dry area, which means your mechanical systems aren’t taking as much punishment.


How often you ride: The occasional outing.

Miles: 5-10.

Terrain: Flat terrain, paved trails.

Cargo: Just keys and a phone.


 Service Intervals

 Miles  Service
 Every 200  Check-Up
 Every 300  Tune-Up
 Every 1,500  Overhaul



If you live in the Seattle or Vancouver area, our on-site Rad Service ambassadors are always happy to give your bike a diagnosis at either of our local showrooms.


We're also taking our know-how on the road. With mobile service options, we're giving customers in select regions an opportunity to enjoy bike maintenance from the comfort of their front door.  




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