Meet the RadRunner 3 Plus

The RadRunner 3 Plus on a black studio setting. It is equipped with a Center Console and basket.

We want you to try an ebike.

It’s not just because we’re North America’s largest electric bike brand. It’s because we’ve spent years watching our riders discover the life-changing benefits of ebikes.

But we also know that there are some would-be riders who just aren’t convinced an ebike's for them. 

That’s the obstacle our team has spent years trying to solve, and with our latest round of new  products, we can confidently say one thing: there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing an elevated, more exciting life from behind the handlebars of a Rad electric bike.

It starts with a do-it-all model 

A side profile shot of a woman riding a RadRunner 3 in a tropical setting during the day.

Meet the RadRunner 3 Plus, an all-new electric utility bike expertly engineered to elevate your ride. 

Featuring hydraulic disc brakes, an ergonomic low-step frame, and intuitive, upgraded tech, it's the culmination of more than 15 years of innovation at the top of the ebike industry.

We’re proud to welcome it as the latest member of the RadRunner lineup. Since hitting the streets, these multi-purpose ebikes have helped countless riders tackle their errands, reinvent their commutes, and ultimately find their fun in the day’s little moments, like picking up the kids at school or grabbing brunch with friends on the weekend. 

Features like a front suspension and a semi-integrated battery raise the bar to truly make this a do-it-all ebike for do-it-all lives, especially when you consider the ways it can be enhanced to match the way you ride, and the way you live. 

Carry more.

A woman on a beach boardwalk with a RadRunner 3 Plus equipped with a trailer. There is an ice bucket and other beach necessities stored inside.

One of the biggest reasons people pass up an electric bike is because they think their to-do list is just too daunting to complete without a car.

Our latest products prove that’s not the case.

The RadRunner 3 Plus features an impressive 350 lb. payload capacity. That alone can handle your weekly grocery runs or a trip to the hardware store, but for the times it goes beyond that, we’ve got your back.

Capable of carrying an extra 100 lb. the Rad Trailer can quickly attach to the back of your ebike – and since it requires no tools to install, it’s perfect for last-minute jobs, or an impromptu barbecue across town.

And when you’re tasked with carrying smaller, loose items, it can be equipped with a Cargo Bin for added convenience.

Don’t worry. If you have your heart set on a different Rad ebike, like a RadRover or RadTrike, the Rad Trailer works with models across our lineup.

You don’t have to ride alone.

A woman wearing white rides a RadRunner 3 Plus on a suburban street during a sunny day. Another woman in blue denim rides on the passenger package.

The RadRunner 3 Plus can bring you and your companion closer together.

When you order now, you can get a free, plush Passenger Package that will give them VIP seats to tag along. It puts you within perfect conversation distance, and you’ll never have to compete with blaring radio ads or honking horns when you’re having your heart-to-heart.

Furry friends are welcome too. With the Rad Trailer’s Pet Insert, you can bring your four-legged buddy on a trip to the dog park, a check-up at the vet, or for some weekend one-on-one time.

Prepare to go farther.

A man in blue denim rides a RadRunner 3 Plus up a rural, desert hill in the sun.

Not only is the RadRunner 3 Plus capable of covering over 45 miles on a single charge, but it’s the first ebike in our lineup that can accommodate a dual-battery Range Extender — which means you can more than double the number of miles you cover on every ride.

Currently in development, the Range Extender can be conveniently outfitted under your rear rack to draw power from both batteries simultaneously, bringing your range up to 100+ miles per charge.

Try it for yourself.

A man loads groceries into the front basket of his RadRunner 3 Plus during a sunny day at the farmer's market.

Like we said, we want you to try an electric bike, and with an elevated, standard-setting utility model and an expanding lineup of accessories, we know that this is the one that you’re going to fall in love with. 

See you on the trail.


Ready for an elevated ride? The RadRunner 3 Plus is available now.


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