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A rider using a Rad Power Bikes comfort saddle.

Have a seat! We’d like to talk to you about the saddle on your electric bike.

For starters, anytime you start riding again after a long break, there’s going to be a bit of an adjustment period. This is especially true with electric bikes since you’re likely going to feel up for longer rides over greater distances.

However, if you’ve spent weeks racking up those miles and are looking for a more comfortable experience, you may be interested in an upgrade. For that, we have two new saddles designed for different styles of riders.

Let’s break down the differences between each of our seats.

The Standard

A bike seat available standard on most Rad Power Bikes models.

This is the seat that comes with your electric bike when you order it. It’s been specifically chosen to accommodate the greatest number of riders and is meant to hit that middle ground between comfort and performance.

"It has extra padding compared to most stock saddles you will see out in the market, which really complements the riding position on our models," according to Rad Lab Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp.

If you ride a RadRunner or RadMission, you may notice that yours looks a little different, but don’t worry! The RadRunner seat features a custom patented moped/bicycle hybrid positioning solution to align with the bike and give you a pleasant ride-feel. As for the RadMission, its seat is designed for riders more accustomed to traditional bikes, which means its optimized for those who spend more time pedaling.

The Enhanced Comfort Saddle

The Rad Power Bikes Enhanced Comfort Saddle, a cruiser-style seat.


The enhanced comfort saddle is an extra-wide, extra-plush seat that comes with an extra layer of gel padding and added suspension to smooth out the bumps in the road.

“It’s the largest seat we offer and it’s basically a cruiser-style design,” Knapp told us. “If you go for relaxed rides and just like taking it easy without a whole lot of pedaling, this is something that’s going to immediately appeal to you.”

The Comfort Saddle

The Rad Power Bikes comfort saddle, a plush seat for active riders.

Between our standard seat and the enhanced comfort saddle, there’s the comfort saddle. It’s closer to the shape of the standard seat, but comes with extra memory foam padding and spring rails for more suspension.

“This is one for active riders, people who want to pedal and have a traditional bike ride, just with some additional padding. If you have a long bike commute, for example, this one’s a great bet.”

Looking to add more to your ride? Check out our full lineup of electric bike accessories! 

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