Have a FOMO-Free Halloween

A RadRover 6 Plus and RadRunner 2 in a backyard during the fall. Multi-color pumpkins surround them and are placed on their saddle.

What’s more frightening than goblins, witches, and ghosts combined?

Here at Rad, we think the answer’s pretty simple: missing out on a chance to ride your electric bike

Halloween week is a busy time for most families. Between helping put together the perfect costume and dropping by the neighborhood parties, it may not seem like there’s much time left to take a spin. 

But don’t be scared. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your ebike into this weekend’s spooky festivities.

More Power at the Pumpkin Patch

A woman stands next to a silver RadRunner Plus next to a pile of pumpkins

Carve out some time to take a ride down to the pumpkin patch. With the right storage accessories and a 275 lb - 350 lb payload capacity, you can load up with a gourd-geous Jack O’Lantern that’ll make the neighbors jealous. 

Plus, after the season ends, you can put your giant pumpkin to good use before Thanksgiving ... 


Your Costumed Cruiser 

A man in a barbarian costume stands next to a RadRunner decorated to look like a dragon.

Our riders have found surprising uses for their ebikes, whether that’s a barbershop on wheels or a substitute for a golf cart. 

Something about Halloween, however, really gets some of our riders into the creative spirit. With a little bit of DIY magic, you can transform your beast of a bike into … well, an actual beast.

Just remember, no matter how you decorate your ebike, make sure you can safely operate it and stay visible after the sun goes down.

The Trick or Treat Tycoon

A man and woman ride their electric bikes by a house decorated for Halloween at night.

If you’re a parent, there’s a statistical likelihood you’re stealing some of your kids candy. Don’t worry ... it’s cool. 79% of parents admit to doing that, so you’re in good company.

Since you’re skimming off the top, you’re probably invested in how many houses your kid can hit up each year. Naturally, you need a more efficient way to gather up all those fun-size bars. We looked it up and it turns out that kids walk at about 3 mph on average. We’ll be generous and assume they’re going twice as fast when they’re buzzed off sugar and bump that up to 6 mph.

If that’s the case, it means you can technically hit up houses about 233% faster when you bring an electric bike.


You must be 16 or older to operate a Rad Power Bikes ebike. Children under the age of 16 may lack the necessary judgment and skill to safely operate the ebike. A parent or legal guardian should always decide whether a child should operate or ride on an electric bike or any other vehicle.

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