Making History

Breaking a world record and celebrating our growing community

On Sept. 15, we joined forces with Cascade Bicycle Club and hundreds of Seattle riders to break the Guinness World Records™ for "Most Ebikes on a Ride." The record was shattered with 406 riders, beating the previous record of 272 held in the Netherlands. We are so overwhelmed and thrilled by the turnout!


Beyond riding into the record books, this event was about celebrating the growing biking community in Seattle and beyond. More and more people have become familiar with ebiking over the last few years, but it’s communities and events like this that help turn ebikes into a household name. Raising awareness about ebikes will help even more people rediscover the joys and benefits of bicycling.


As Cascade Bicycle Club's Executive Director Richard Smith put it, "The day's show of support is proof that ebikes are a real game changer in how people get around and interact within the bicycling community." We couldn't agree more!


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