Meet Your New Plus One

There’s nothing quite like an upgrade.

And we know you’re upgrading your life all the time. Whether it’s striving to break a personal record or setting goals for yourself down the road, you're not afraid of taking bold steps to achieve the best.

That’s the mindset we brought to the RadRunner Plus — a head-turning electric utility bike that comes fully-loaded with an all new collection of accessories. 

It’s an ebike designed for those craving a premium experience. And man, does it deliver.

Here’s why we think you’ll agree.

A Feature-Rich Experience

The RadRunner Plus will show up to your doorstep stocked with the latest and greatest accessories from Rad Power Bikes.

Its premium LED halo headlight is designed to maximize visibility from all sides -- giving you added peace of mind on late night rides.

Check out your stats in real-time with the upgraded LCD display. Not only does it tracks miles, speed, estimated wattage, pedal-assist levels, and battery charge, but with its USB charging dock, you can charge your devices on the go.

Front and rear fenders make it easier than ever to brave the elements, and with a pre-installed passenger package, you and a friend can ride in style -- scooter style. 

Spend Time Off The Beaten Path

Sometimes, an adventure will lead you off the paved, well-worn paths you may be used to. If you're a fan of the road less traveled, the RadRunner Plus is the bike you've been waiting for.

Equipped with a 7-speed drive train, it's capable of conquering even the most daunting of hills. Combine that with its front suspension fork and you'll have the freedom and confidence to ride anywhere. 

Performance And Panache  

It's a bike with a look that's as unique as our riders -- one that seamlessly blends a retro vibe with a Rad modern edge. 

Paying homage to vintage motorbikes of the '60s and '70s, the RadRunner Plus boasts espresso-colored seats and handlebar grips and a bold new decal package.

Its metallic silver and black paint scheme makes it stand out -- especially when you're riding in the sunlight. 

Based On A True Original 

When Rad Power Bikes debuted the RadRunner 1 in 2019, we were thrilled to offer an electric utility bike that was streamlined for simple urban rides and made to be customized to match any riders' needs.

This upgraded edition builds on the functionality of the RadRunner 1 while maintaining many of the standout features of the base model. These include 20-inch by 3.3-inch wide multi-terrain tires, a sturdy step-thru frame design, and a 300-pound (136 kg) load capacity with an integrated rear deck that can carry up to 120 pounds.

With a $1,799 USD price point ($2,399 CAD, €1.599 EUR) and flexible financing options, the RadRunner Plus stands side-by-side with the original RadRunner as a testament to our value innovation.

Preorder yours today for delivery in July.   

Want to learn more? Check out these five reasons to ride an ebike and our guide to picking the right ebike for youReady to ride Rad? Start shopping now.


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