Skip the Wrapping Paper, Give a Gift Card

A Rad Power Bikes holiday sweater card perched on a Christmas tree.


Wrapping gifts can be hard, especially if your present happens to be an electric bike. Luckily, there's an easy way to avoid breaking out the ribbons and tape: a Rad Power Bikes gift card.

Not only are these electronic cards great for last minute surprises, but they also give your friend or loved one the opportunity to pick out exactly what they want. 

And if you're looking for something to stuff in a stocking or tuck under the tree, we have some good news. We’ve come up with a warm, fuzzy way for you to share it on the big day. Once your electronic gift card arrives in your inbox, just print it out and place it inside our downloadable holiday sweater. Voila: instant holiday cheer!

Who doesn’t love a good, funky holiday sweater? Whether it’s a gift from well-meaning aunt or one you personally picked to make a splash at your Christmas party, these time-honored accoutrements are the bold, loud MVPs of the season.

And while most Christmas sweaters are prone to static electricity, this one comes free of charge. Download it here.

So get on with knit! Grab your gift card now!

Give a Gift Card!

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