Safe Shield™ Advanced External Battery

Safe Shield™ Advanced External Battery

Our Safe Shield Advanced External Batteries are more durable, 14.4-15 Ah, and feature thermal-resistant technology to ensure industry-leading safety, whether it’s on or off your ebike.
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Safe Shield Advanced Batteries are on the cutting edge of ebike safety and performance.

The same high-grade lithium-ion cells that were once reserved for electric cars now power your electric bike, giving you added capability, greater efficiency, and a longer battery life cycle.

The battery’s thermal-resistant technology encapsulates each cell in a unique heat-absorbing resin. This can effectively stop the spread of a localized thermal event and can even extinguish the thermal incident.

And for even greater peace of mind, they are UL Certified to UL 2271, which means they’ve been tested to meet the highest standards set by UL Solutions – a global leader in applied safety science.