Urban Delivery

Deliver more, sweat less. Earn more, spend less. Ebikes are eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint and the capacity to haul whatever you’re in the business of delivering - papers, pizza, people, you name it!

Faster Deliveries, Happier Customers

Looking for an affordable way to speed up your deliveries? We got you.

With an electric bike, you can sidestep traffic, avoid the hunt for parking spots, deliver more, earn more, and sweat less.

Try one yourself and see why 9-out-of-10 delivery restaurants prefer our bikes over any other competing brand.


See how SPUD, a local & organic food delivery service, has completely transformed the way they deliver by implementing the RadBurro electric cargo trike.

Hood River Pedicab

Hood River Pedicab in Hood River, Oregon is transforming the way people move with their RadBurro electric cargo trike.

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The Exclusive Choice for Domino's

With delivery by car more challenging than ever due to congestion and parking limitations, Domino's launched a pilot program to test the efficiency of ebike deliveries earlier this year. Locations that used ebikes from Rad Power Bikes achieved better delivery times and service scores, and those that were already using traditional bikes saw an increase in team member satisfaction after switching to ebikes.

As a result of the successful pilot program, Rad Power Bikes is now Domino’s exclusive ebike provider for franchise owners and corporate stores in the United States.

Commercial Sales and Business Partnership Application

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