Your Spooktastic Guide to a Rad Halloween

A family rides their electric bikes by a house decorated for Halloween.

Have you ever wondered why you never see skeletons riding electric bikes?

Clearly, it’s because they don’t have the guts.

Okay, we’ll admit that’s not the most humerus joke, but at least it gets us talking about Halloween!

If you saw our Rad Power Frights feature from last year, you’re probably well aware that this is one of our favorite holidays — and it’s not just because we get a free pass to gorge ourselves on candy. Halloween’s a time where everyone gets to embrace all things fun, creative, and a little bit offbeat. If you ask us, that’s Rad Power Bikes in a nutshell.

So if you’re a Rad rider who feels the same way, check out these tips for using your electric bike to get the most out of your spooky season.

1. Your Bike Deserves to Dress Up TooA woman rides a RadWagon decorated like a unicorn.

Has your trick or treat buddy ghosted you?

Well, when you have a chance to bring your bike along, you'll never have to hit the streets solo.

Just like you can adorn your bike with accessories galore, you can also gussy it up for a special occasion. Olivia Round, a Rad Power Bikes customer experience rockstar who absolutely lives and breathes bicycles, did just that by transforming her new RadWagon 4 into a frighteningly cool pegasus. (Or as she dubbed it: Peg-Assist.)

"I thought dressing up my bike and rolling through the neighborhoods would be a great way to bring some magic to 2020," Olivia told us. "It's been a great way to spread Halloween cheer from a distance."

While Olivia clearly went all-out on her costume, it's the little touches that really excite us. It turns out she up-cycled the box her bike came in by using the cardboard to craft the head and cutting up the packing material to give the wings a little more depth.

Just remember, no matter how you decorate your bike, make sure you can safely operate it and stay visible after the sun goes down.

But if Greek mythology isn't your style, you can always lean into the punny side of Halloween. Senior Marketing Manager Mary Fenton, for instance, gave us the world's first pumpkin spice ebike. 

A woman dressed in a Halloween costume stands next to her RadWagon electric metro bike.

And if you want to go for something really scary, you can do what this blog's author did and try dressing up as your boss. If you're lucky, you may even still have a job come November!(Sorry Mike, this seemed like a good idea at the time.)

2. More Speed, More Treats 

A RadWagon 4 adorned with Halloween lights.

First things first: it’s a smart move to observe social distancing this year if you’re taking the kids out trick or treating. Luckily, it looks like some of America’s best and brightest minds have stepped up to provide some elegant solutions for this.

Now, if you’re a parent, there’s a statistical likelihood you’re stealing some of your kids candy. Don’t worry ... it’s cool. 79% of parents admit to doing that, so you’re in good company.

Since you’re skimming off the top, you’re probably invested in how many houses your kid can hit up each year. Naturally, you need a more efficient way to gather up all those fun-size bars. We looked it up and it turns out that kids walk at about 3 mph on average. We’ll be generous and assume they’re going twice as fast when they’re buzzed off sugar and bump that up to 6 mph.

If that’s the case, it means you can technically hit up houses about 233% faster when you incorporate an electric bike.

Our impressive payload capacities could also help you haul all that extra candy around without any issues. The average pillowcase can hold 1,690 pieces of candy. Let's say you weigh about 180 lbs, your child weighs 50 pounds, and a snack-size candy bar weighs 17 grams. With the RadWagon, you'd be able to carry up to 3,201 of those sugar bombs back home with you.

Of course, if you're more into tricks than treats, we should probably mention that our bikes can technically carry up to 699 rolls of toilet paper too ...

3. See the Sights, Live the Frights! 

A couple rides by a house covered in Halloween decorations on their electric bikes.

How far away are you from a ghost this very second? You may be closer than you think! There are haunted hot spots all over the country and there’s a good chance you may within riding distance of some seriously creepy stuff. A few of them will even give you a chance to spend time outdoors.

Plus, that's an opportunity to squeeze in a little exercise. For every hour you ride an electric bike (vigorously and with a minimal level of pedal assist), you can burn somewhere around 440 calories. That adds up to about 5 1/2 fun-sized chocolate bars.

But even if these kind of Halloween antics aren't your scene, electric bikes are still an awesome way to enjoy a crisp October evening checking out the decorations in your neighborhood. It may not be as spooky, but it’s definitely Rad.

Stay safe, Ride Rad, and have a Happy Halloween!


You must be 16 or older to operate a Rad Power Bikes ebike. Children under the age of 16 may lack the necessary judgment and skill to safely operate the ebike. A parent or legal guardian should always decide whether a child should operate or ride on an electric bike or any other vehicle.

Some localities may require ebike riders to be older than 16, so know and obey local regulations regarding rider age and other qualification.


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