5 Ways to Customize Your Ride

A man on a beach looks over at an electric bike equipped with wood panels.

For longtime Rad riders, their electric bike is more than just a great way to pick-up groceries or explore their community – it’s a full-fledged extension of their personality. 

A RadWagon says that you value fresh air and fun, both for you and your passengers. A RadRover 6 Plus shows that you’re the type of person who’s always interested in an adventure, even if it’s just a spontaneous detour on your trip home from work. And every Rad bike tells the world that you’re a free spirit who embraces cutting-edge, world-changing transportation.

While Rad Power Bikes has styles for every kind of rider, we like to up the ante by giving our folks an opportunity to customize their ebike. It’s why we feature an ever growing lineup of accessories designed to help you do more.  

Here are some ideas for personalizing your ride. 

Old School Cool

A man at the beach at dusk standing next to an electric bike equipped with wood side paneling.

If you have a RadRunner, you’re probably turning a lot of heads. These RadRunner Wood Panels help you stand out even more.

They’re modeled after the vintage woodie wagons California surfers used in the 1950s. And if you want to really show off your personal tastes, you can cover them with decals of your favorite bands – or surf shop.

The Power Parent

Two kids seated in a conestoga, smiling and giving a thumbs up while riding with their dad on a RadWagon.

A RadWagon lets you master the school drop off line. Now you can do it while keeping your kids dry in the winter or shaded in the summer.

The Conestoga and Canopy are two must-have accessories for any family looking for year-round rides. Plus, with the Conestoga’s built-in double-mesh pocket, your passengers can munch on their favorite snacks while you go for a spin. 

The Power (Dog) Parent

A close-up of a small brown dog with its tongue out. It's sitting in a basket of an electric bike on a spring day by a lake.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than staring down a pair of sad, puppy dog eyes when you’re leaving home for a ride. 

Luckily, with Pet Transportation Accessories, you can take your furry friends with you. It’s an easy way to give your pet the chance to take in new sights (and smells).

The Night Owl

A close-up of a red tail light featuring the word "Rad" at night.

 Want to hit the road on a warm summer night? Maybe there’s a concert across town, or a midnight movie at the local theater?

Whatever your after-hours to-do list calls for, equip your ebike with tools that help you see and be seen all night long. Check out our Premium Headlight, Reflective Safety Stickers, and Rad Tail Light.

The Winter Sprinter

A pair of handlebar mitts on an electric bike parked on a snowy, rural road.

The ride doesn’t have to stop just because the seasons change. Handlebar Mitts are a great way to keep going throughout the fall and winter. 

Hit the slopes without having to worry about parking, or head over to your friend’s place for a quiet, rainy day of board games. These mitts will keep your hands dry and your ride comfortable.


Need an ebike to accessorize? Rad’s electric bikes are expertly designed to help you get the most out of your ride, whether it’s a fat-tire adventure bike, a commute-conquering city model, or even an electric tricycle. Check out our full lineup.

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