Introducing RheoLight: A Rad New Step in Ebike Safety

Runner 2 and Runner 3 Plus ebikes with Rheolight on black studio background

When we released our new round of limited edition RadRunners, we didn’t want to just give our riders more color options — we wanted to double-down on safety.

That’s why we’ve equipped both the Pool Shark Blue RadRunner 2 and the Boss Moss Green RadRunner 3 Plus with RheoLight, a special coating designed to boost night visibility.

“With more folks riding electric bikes than ever before, safety has never been more important in the ebike industry,” Sarah Bruce Courtney, Rad’s director of Product Development, told the Scenic Route.

“Earlier this year, the entire product team aligned behind one, major goal: to create the safest electric bikes on the market. With RheoLight, we’re taking a bold, and colorful, step in that direction.”

According to Sarah, applying this new feature to the RadRunner family of electric utility bikes was an obvious choice.

“The RadRunners have always been a ‘do-it-all ebike.’ Now, whether you’re riding with the family or running an errand after work, this limited edition series can give our riders more confidence to do-it-all on their own schedule — even at night.”

How RheoLight Works

The RheoLight coating uses crystal glass pigments to better refract light and improve the contrast between your ebike and its surroundings.

As a result, bike frames that are treated with RheoLight are approximately 200% more reflective than those that aren’t, according to Ink Invent BV, the effect pigment manufacturer that developed the feature.

The increased reflectivity makes you more visible to drivers while riding at night, but it’s also a clever way to future-proof your ebike for new roadway trends. With more self-driving cars hitting the streets, RheoLight has been shown to be more detectable by their systems.

A First in the U.S.


The limited edition RadRunners are the first ebikes released in the U.S. to boast RheoLight.

Meanwhile, Europe’s cycling culture has already started to see the benefits.

Since its release, the technology has netted international acclaim, including a 2021 Eurobike award and a Fiets Innovatie Bike Innovation award that recognized RheoLight for “clearly [contributing] to increasing the safety of cyclists in traffic.”

Shipping Now

Man on rheolight runner 2 bike riding on street at nightWant to be one of the first U.S. riders to show off this this new feature? The RadRunner 2 in Pool Shark Blue and the RadRunner 3 Plus in Boss Moss Green are in stock and shipping now.

Don't wait! These new colorways are only here for a limited time.

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