A Runner for the Summer

A woman and man unload wine and a watermelon from their RadRunner at the beach

The world’s opening up again, which means you have a summer of endless possibilities ahead of you.

Unfortunately, with all of the people looking to get out and enjoy the season, getting around has gotten a little harder. Gas prices are creeping up, rideshare fees are surging, and finding a spot to park your car can quickly upend your weekend plans.

But there’s some good news: Just in time for July, the RadRunner and RadRunner Plus are back in stock and will ship in the next 2-3 weeks!

Our electric utility bikes are the perfect models for the season since they’re designed to do it all — even if that means packing an entire summer vacation into a single day off.

Don’t think it’s possible? See how you can use the 330 possible accessory combinations to outfit your new Runner for one unforgettable day.


9 - 10 a.m. -- Go Ahead, Sleep In

Yes, you can wake up before dawn and ride your RadRunner to the top of the nearest hill to watch the sunrise, but let’s be realistic. How many days did you wake up early during your last summer break?

Yeah, we thought so.

Instead, treat yourself by sleeping in. With a bike that can quickly get you up to 20 mph with just a twist of a throttle, you’ll easily be able to make up for some lost time.


10 - 11 a.m. -- Load up Your Gear

Sunglasses? Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

Picnic blanket, baseball cap, lawn chairs, some loose change for ice cream, frisbee, and a couple of bathing suits? Check, check, check, check, check and check!

Don’t worry. With a 300 lb. payload capacity and add-on storage accessories like a Center Console or Front-Mounted Baskets, you'll never have to worry about traveling light.


11 - 12 p.m. -- Grab the Fam and Go

Ever spend a summer road trip cramped into the backseat of a stuffy family station wagon?

The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus have the ability to give your companions a much more pleasant experience -- especially on hot days. 

The passenger package features retractable foot-pegs, a protective wheel skirt, and a plush seat for comfortable, open-air rides. It comes standard on the RadRunner Plus and can be purchased separately in classic black or espresso brown for the RadRunner 1.


12 - 4 p.m. -- Go Outside and Play! 

Want to hit up the pool? Is it a nice day for a hike? Maybe you just want to take a spin around town and swing by the park?

Whatever your go-to for summer fun may be, a RadRunner will get you there. It has a 750W motor with five levels of pedal assist capable of tackling tough hills, plus puncture-resistant tires in case you run into some uneven terrain. And for those looking to really go the extra mile (or miles), the RadRunner Plus ups the ante with a 7-speed drivetrain.

And don't panic if you stray too far from home. The 48V, 14 Ah battery can take you up to 45+ miles per charge. Go exploring!


4 -5 p.m. -- Hydration Break.

It’s hot out. You need something refreshing.

Luckily, the RadRunner Center Console doesn’t just store all your extra gear, it also comes with a handy cup holder for the beverage of your choice. (Plus, phone storage!)


5 - 8 p.m. -- Find Something to Celebrate

There's always a reason to celebrate! Share a little joy by introducing your friends to your favorite restaurant, gathering with the neighbors in the backyard for a summer cookout, or, hey, maybe just going for a group ride.

And to help you celebrate in style, the RadRunner offers unique ways to customize your ride. Give your bike a dash of color with a cool RadRunner Bar Pad or some Rad colored Grips.

If the retro look is closer to your vibe, Wood Panels and Number Panels are an awesome way to make your bike yours


8 - ??? -- Stay Out Late

You know how you were always told to come back home once the street lamps came on? Not anymore! 

The RadRunner 1's LED Halo headlight provides 200 lumens to light up your ride and the RadRunner Plus ups with ante with a 500 lumen Premium Headlight.

And for some extra peace of mind, you can rely on both models integrated brake lights and reflective tire sidewalls or add a few Reflective Safety Stickers.  

What better way to enjoy a warm summer night?


Get the most out of your summer. The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus are back in stock and shipping in the next 2-3 weeks!

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