The Power of Community: Lambert House

LGBTQ youth march in support of Lambert House.

Have you ever taken a peek at our Radical Values?

They’re the core principles that help guide Rad Power Bikes as a company. At the top you’ll see Responsible, and that’s something we try to live by every time we encourage our riders to be good stewards of the environment or slap on a helmet when they’re going for a spin. It’s a value that helps us remember to look out for each other and, ultimately, make the world a little more Rad. 

That’s why we’re celebrating Pride Month by putting the spotlight on one organization that’s responsible for game-changing work within the LGBTQ community: Lambert House.

For the past forty years, this Seattle-based nonprofit has provided over 14,000 LGBTQ youth with the support and resources they need to live healthy lives, both physically and emotionally. 

“We're about prevention of negative health outcomes through social support, a community of peers, a group of supportive LGBT and ally adults, and a dedicated physical space,” Program Director (and verified Rad Rider!) Brandon Knox told us. “Lambert house is where life gets better for LGBTQ youth.”

As an alumnus of the program, Knox speaks from experience. He’s spent years witnessing what happens when Lambert House steps in to address the myriad of threats that disproportionately affect LGBTQ youth, whether that’s homelessness, addiction, or suicidal ideation.

At times, this could be providing basic needs or legal aid to children who’ve been rejected by their parents. Other times, it takes the form of academic internships that Lambert House will arrange for pre-teen through college-aged students. Or it could simply be something to help young people break through social isolation, whether that’s sitting down for a nightly group dinner or showing off their moves while dancing with friends.

“For nearly all of the youth who participate in Lambert House's programs, it’s life-changing. For others, it’s literally life-saving,” he explained. 

When we first learned about the great work Lambert House was doing, Rad Power Bikes decided to show our support by donating the entirety of the profits from our Pride Rad T-Shirt. This month, we’re providing them with an additional $5,000 donation as they ramp up to host a digital Pride event -- one that will take their commitment to community beyond the confines of Seattle.

“After COVID-19 emerged last March, we moved all of our programs online to make sure our youth stayed socially connected, even though we couldn’t be physically together,” Knox recalled. “Then we suddenly started having young people sign up from all over the country and all over the world, including a few from countries that are just really horrible when it comes to LGBTQ issues. These were youth who don't have a program like Lambert House near them and weren’t able to access something similar before the pandemic.”

“It really shows the huge benefit of putting people in touch,” he added. “It’s all about making that connection.”


If you’d like to join us in helping Lambert House further their mission, you can make a tax deductible donation today. Looking for an LGBTQ Community Center in your area? Check out this easy online guide.

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Some localities may require ebike riders to be older than 16, so know and obey local regulations regarding rider age and other qualification.

Photos courtesy of Lambert House

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