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The Rad Mobile van alongside cactuses in Phoenix, Arizona.


Since launching in 2019, Rad Mobile Service has helped thousands of riders get the most out of their electric bikes.

Sometimes this means delivering a fully-assembled ebike directly to their driveway. Other times it means showing up at their doorstep for some convenient, on-site maintenance, or bringing over a new model for a free test ride.

And this year, more members of the Rad Family are going to have on-demand access to our team. That’s because we recently expanded to four new communities! This adds to our locations in Seattle, Washington, Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, California, Miami, Florida, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

That’s pretty exciting all on it’s own, but the truth is, introducing Rad Mobile to a new spot isn’t just about getting more ebikes on the road. It’s also a chance for our Mobile Ambassadors to get some serious (socially-distanced!) face-time with our riders.

We sat down with a few of them to get the inside scoop on their new locales. They even shared some of their favorite riding spots.

Phoenix, Arizona

For Mobile Ambassador Brett, sunny Phoenix means one thing: “Year-round warm weather rides!”

With over 600 miles of bike lanes coupled with an additional 100 miles of off-road paths, this is a city that definitely shares his sentiment.

When he’s not helping grow the area’s Rad community, Brett can be seen soaking in the scenery down long stretches of singletrack, through the city’s picturesque canal system, and along the Scottsdale Greenbelt, one of the area’s top green spaces.

It’s the kind of riding experience that brought Brett to Phoenix in the first place.

“I was an avid cyclist in Minneapolis,” he explained. “I relocated to Phoenix to get away from the long winters. Plus, it’s a great place to be reppin' Rad!”

Bellingham, Washington

A RadRunner electric utility bike alongside Bellingham Bay

About 20 miles shy of the Canadian Border, Bellingham is a coastal town brimming with folks who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Ride in any direction and you’ll be sure to come across clear water, miles of trails, or soaring mountains — making this a verifiable playground for adventurers of all stripes.

This includes newly-appointed Mobile Ambassador Zack, who loves taking his RadRunner along Bellingham Bay.

“I love riding down to Boulevard Park on a nice afternoon and watching the sun go down over the sound. It’s a little slice of everything that makes this place magical,” he told us. “I highly recommend.”

But that’s just the start of what the “City of Subdued Excitement” has to offer riders. Zack was quick to describe his city as “Legendary Shredtown, WA,” and after one glance at the available cycling hotspots, it’s easy to see why.

“Get ye out into the mountains,” he replied when we asked him for some tips on must-sees. “Have a great time, then après at one of our many excellent local breweries. It's a good thing.”

Orange County, California

From beaches to theme parks, tourist draws to trendy local haunts, Southern California has something for everyone.

According to Mobile Ambassador and homegrown Californian Ben, it also has something for every kind of rider.

“Silverado Canyon is a major road route, the Floop, or Fullerton Loop, is a famous mountain trail. Sheep Hills are world renowned for BMX dirt jumps. Finally, the boardwalk riding from Seal Beach to Newport makes a fun trip with almost no elevation gain for recreational rider and families with kids,” he told us.

Beyond that, Ben says the area is packed with Rad riders who enjoy spins around the neighborhoods with their friends. Others, however, are using their bikes in the most Golden State way imaginable.

“The surf community has latched on to ebikes and Rad in particular,” he explained. “You see a lot of them using RadRunners to move their boards down to the beach*.”

Bend, Oregon 

Bend, Oregon is the kind of place where you can go skiing in the morning and then go for a bike ride in the afternoon. And that’s exactly why Rad Mobile Ambassador Jeff loves this small town on the Deschutes River.

“People live outdoors here,” he explained. “That’s the common thread: getting out and about.”

For some riders, this means venturing off into the mountains or taking long trips down endless miles of forest service roads. For plenty of others, it means incorporating electric bikes into their everyday lives.

“Bend has more bike racks per capita than anywhere I've lived. It’s small, so scootin' around on an ebike is perfect,” he said. “My go-to bike is the RadRover for big outdoor stuff, but I have plenty of opportunities to use the RadWagon. It’s the best grocery-getter.”

Interested in a visit from the Radmobile? We're now operating in 10 communities! Check our Rad Mobile Service page to learn more. 

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*Bicycling, with or without motor assistance, involves risks of injury and damage. Wear a helmet, obey local bicycling and traffic laws, and follow safe and responsible riding practices. Don't ride in conditions that exceed your or your bike’s ability.  Salt or saltwater exposure can cause irreparable damage to both mechanical and electrical components on Ebikes. For riding near a salt or saltwater environment, keep salt or saltwater away from your bike. Never ride in standing saltwater. After each ride, inspect your bike for salt or saltwater and remove any build up with a damp or dry rag. We also recommend consulting a reputable, Rad-certified bike mechanic to regularly inspect and tune your bike.


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