Gas Just Hit $5 per Gallon. Here’s 5 Ways an Ebike Can Save You Money.

A woman takes her RadRover 6 Plus out of the garage.


The average price for a gallon of gas just passed $5 nationally.

If you’ve been feeling pain at the pump, just know that you’re not alone. In fact, a recent poll from AAA found that 75% of Americans said that they’ll now start to rethink how often they drive.

If you’re part of that majority, we want to help.

Electric bikes have given hundreds of thousands of Rad riders the option to cut back on how often they drive — and, as a result, how much they spend to fuel up.

Here’s how:


You can start riding for less than a tank of gas.

With flexible financing options through Affirm*, you can buy an electric bike for $42 a month — that’s less than 9 gallons of gas.

Needless to say, that adds up, especially when you factor in the costs you’ll save when you cut out car maintenance, ride shares, and parking fees.

(Fun fact: On average, our community rides 150 million miles each year. If you were to make those trips via car, you’d pay about $29 million in gas!)

*Financing option through Affirm. Some restrictions apply.


Rad Power Bikes gets you up to 45+ miles per charge.

Talk about going the distance. Our electric bikes have a range of 45+ miles per charge, making them a great way to reduce your car trips.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, but you can go even further if you charge your battery while going about your day.

The battery detaches easily from the ebike, and if you bring the included charger along, you can plug it in while you’re at work or spending a few hours at the coffee shop.

And for added convenience, we’ve developed a handy Battery Travel Case that can fit your battery, charger, and spare keys.


You can gear up and go.

Keeping your car in the garage doesn’t mean you have to travel light.

Rad Power Bikes have a weight capacity that can handle between 275 -350 lb., depending on your model.

That means electric bikes easily can carry your laptop, groceries, or the supplies you’ll need for a summer get-together at the beach — especially when you pair them up with our lineup of storage & transport accessories.

Rad riders like Marley Blonsky even use them to carry camping gear out into nature. Check out her guide for camping with an electric bike


Ebikes are great road trip companions.

If you’re hitting the road in an RV or van this summer, electric bikes are an easy way to cut down on short trips between overnight stops.

You can fold-up the RadExpand for easy on-board storage and then unfold it when you need to run to town for groceries.

The Hollywood Racks RV Rider Rack and Sports Rider Rack can also carry your ebikes on the back of your vehicle.

Check out some other RV electric bike tips from a road trip expert.


Year-round, all-weather rides. 

While gas prices are expected to climb throughout the summer, and maybe even hit over $6 by August, an ebike is a small investment that can help you save on gas all year long. 

When fall comes around, you can ride confidently knowing all of our models are designed to perform well in the rain.

Some riders even use their electric bikes for skiing or snowboarding as a way to help avoid crowded parking lots around winter sports destinations. 



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