These Rad Riders Live Every Month Like It's Bike Month

Multiple people pose with their electric bikes.

As an ebike company, we perk up at the words “National Bike Month” – that’s 31 days right up our alley. We debated ways to celebrate: Pay homage to the modern cycling invention, the velocipede? Rebuild a pennyfarthing and attempt to ride it, injury-free? (Hardly a small feat.)

It all involved looking back. Here at Rad, we’re right in the thick of what’s next. The evolution of cycling is going electric: more and more people are parking their cars and climbing on electric bicycles.

One of the best parts about working for Rad is hearing how the Rad community is changing the way they move. Are they celebrating bike month? You could say they are every time they hop on and go.

Lunchtime Escape

Man rides on ebike with surfboard.

Mike B. doesn’t just ride his bike - he’s riding waves. He uses his RadWagon to escape his zoom calls and hit the beach for a lunchtime surf workout. Instead of wasting precious minutes hunting down parking, he’s sailing down paths, surfboard attached, and parking directly on the sand. And if catching waves doesn’t sound good enough, Mike’s even finding his Rad grin on the journey.

“Coming back from a surf, you have that euphoria. You get to experience your neighborhood while cruising home; the sun’s out, and it feels good.”

New Way to Work

Women carries pottery supplies on her electric bike.

Embracing the bike life every day is made easier with features that an ebike offers. RadCity Step-Thru rider Leah Schaperow commutes to and from her downtown pottery studio, using her throttle when necessary to move quickly in and out of tricky intersections or what would otherwise be stifling traffic. What’s more, she tackles the daily uphill commute home, enabling the pedal-assist or throttle to power her way up with ease.

“I pass a lot of people going uphill,” says Leah. “At the end of the work day, you don’t want to work out. I can, but I don’t have to.”

Nicole is similar to Leah, another rider using their Rad ebike as an extension of their small business. A photographer, Nicole’s RadRunner Plus helps her get just the right shot with far less hassle and expense, even transporting models on the back of her runner to a hard-to-reach spot.

“Riding Rad opens up the world,” says Nicole. “I know other photographers that still haven’t been able to get out to the locations I get to.”

Power Up Parenting

A consistent challenge for families is to find ways to get out the wiggles (parents included!). RadWagon rider Tatjana T. describes the struggle of “home-bound” restlessness, particularly during the height of the pandemic. Her first ride on the family-friend electric cargo bike was, “pure freedom.

"I’m not dealing with traffic or car pollution – the kids were right there behind me," she tells us. "I pulled right up with our picnic, and there was no parking headache. It was bliss.”

Another mom who is taking to the outdoors on two wheels instead of four is Felie, who enthuses, “riding Rad brings us together. 

Felie and her crew have turned the family wagon into an amped up version of the minivan, going to and from school, errands, and even the occasional pit-stop for ice cream.

“With Rad,” says Felie, “we’re down to try adventures.”

Mom, dad, and daughter get ready to ride their RadWagon cargo electric bikes.
Are you one of our 400,000+ Rad riders living every month like it’s Bike Month? If not, we invite you to join us! (Psst … we even offer financing options with Affirm.) We can’t wait to hear (and publish!) your own stories of riding Rad.

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