Ebike Tips for New Rad Riders

Two people ride on their Rad Power Bikes along the beach.

Wohoo! Looks like you had a verrrrrrry happy holidays. Welcome to the Rad community. Whether this is your first ebike, or simply your first Rad, we’re here to help you make the most of your electric biking journey.

Theft Protection

First things first: keep the ebike. Thwart thieves by registering and locking your bike. Your ebike comes with a serial number engraved on the “Rad Power Bike” metal logo shield. Before you take your first ride, take a photo of the serial number and upload both the number and your contact information to Bike Index: a free, nonprofit service that's reunited nearly half a million cyclists with their property. Then, source the best lock that you can afford and easily tote along on your rides. Finally, whenever possible, store your ebike or park it in direct view of a security camera (businesses such as banks are ideal).

An Abus lock is attached to the frame of a RadRover 6 Plus ebike.

Safety First

  • Head Protection: Most municipalities require bike riders wear a helmet. Regardless if it’s a legal requirement, we strongly recommend you protect your noggin’ with a helmet. Ensure it fits properly and is newer (internal helmet components break down after 5-6 years).
  • Visibility: Your goal is to be as visible as a car on the road. Wear bright colors that are easily seen; then, be sure to wear light-colored (or light-integrated) apparel for night rides. Your Rad comes equipped with head and tail lights; however, should you be riding on dark trails or unlit streets, you may want to upgrade your headlight and consider adding additional reflective stickers
  • Backup: Carry tools and you find yourself carrying peace of mind, too. Our Roadside Repair Toolkit is designed to wrap easily around the frame, and includes wrenches, tire levers, a multi-tool, and more.

Gear Up

You have the bike. But do you have what you need for your ideal ride? If you received your electric bike as a gift, you may be excited to now outfit it to precisely your taste. Rad offers accessories that can suit a variety of needs, including assorted saddles, baskets, child seats, and more. Ensure you order the correct accessory for your bike model! And, if the accessory you want is out of stock, sign up for notifications; we will contact you as soon as an item is available.

A RadWagon ebike is accessorized with two Thule child seats.

Elevate your Ebike Experience

The great part about buying a Rad is joining the Rad community. Spread out among multiple social platforms, your fellow Rad riders are a great resource to chat all things ebikes. Celebrate milestones, show off customizations, or take pics and share your journeys.

Keep Learning

Finally, don’t forget to follow Rad’s social channels - we want to hear your milestones, too, and see the pics you’re sharing! We love to share images and stories from our riders. You’ll also find updates on offerings, accessories, and riding advice to help you get the most out of your bike. 
We recommend browsing a few additional blogs that offer storage, battery, and repair advice (should you need it!).

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