Ebikes and the Environment

Ebikes and the Environment

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the transportation sector accounts for nearly 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., which is more than what the industrial, commercial, residential, and electricity sectors produce! Furthermore, according to a 2013 U.S. Census Bureau, only 0.6% of people who travel to work use a bicycle. The same survey noted that 76.4% of individuals drive alone to and from work each day. At Rad Power Bikes, we see a lot of room for improvement here. By getting more bikes and ebikes on the road, there is a greater chance of reducing the number of car trips people embark on, whether that be to work, to the grocery store, or to the park. No matter how big or small the ride, every rider is collectively helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!


The Power of Pedaling



Ditching your car is one of the most high-impact, practical actions a person can take to truly help the environment (and it saves time and money). This is not to say that standard cyclists, or non-ebike riders, aren’t helping out as well! Scaling back personal vehicle mileage by 5,000 miles a year will save the planet more than a ton of carbonAnyone who chooses to utilize alternative modes of transportation to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gasses on the atmosphere is helping to pave the way for a sustainable future. The benefit of electric bicycles, as opposed to other green modes of transportation, is that they are generally more accessible to everyone. 


Standard bicycling is a great transportation option for those who are able and comfortable on such a bike. There are, however, a number of people who may not feel as comfortable on a standard bicycle as they would on an electric bicycle. Maybe there is a physical limitation involved. Maybe riding a bicycle is not as easy as it once was. Or, maybe the rider would rather not show up to work perspiring and out of breath. Electric bikes break many of the barriers found on a standard bicycle. Riding longer distances is now much easier with electrical assistance. Electrical assistance is used at the rider's discretion. If a rider wants to do all the pedaling on their way to work and utilize 50% electrical assistance on the commute home, they can happily do so! For those who may have trouble riding a standard bicycle for a multitude of potential reasons, the electrical assistance from pedal-assist and throttle functionalities can aid in making bicycling easier and more accessible.


Car-Replacing Cargo Bikes


Cargo bikes are a great, even more realistic, alternative to cars because they have a larger carrying capacity than a standard bike. Transitioning from a car to a bicycle is a fantastic way to preserve the environment. However, when you are carrying children, groceries, or other cargo, propelling the bike forward is going to be much more difficult on a standard bicycle. This is where an electric motor really helps out. You can carry much more with as much or as little effort as you want! This makes transitioning from a car to an electric bicycle that much easier. That does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of your car all at once, but slowly transitioning to more bike rides and fewer car trips still creates a positive impact on the environment!


We aren’t the only ones that think cargo bikes are an important tool for building a sustainable future! BuildingGreen, a company focused on environmentally sustainable building practices, selected our RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike as one of their Top 10 Green Products for 2019! BuildingGreen has compiled this report for the past 17 years and this is the first time any mode of transportation has ever been included on the list!


This award is so exciting because it indicates that there is a real need for environmental sustainability within personal use and business practices. While this award is directed at buildings, construction, and architecture, it also sends a message throughout all industries. Any person can take advantage of reducing their carbon footprint and have fun doing it by going electric!


Business Applications & Impact


Not only are individuals getting behind the electric bike action, many businesses are also leading the movement. With increasing fuel costs, lack of parking, rising consumer expectations for delivery services, and pressure to improve sustainability, many businesses are turning to ebikes to boost their bottom lines and improve their services.


The Commercial Sales Director at Rad Power Bikes, Brian Rinckenberger, commented on the change taking place, “It is a really exciting place to be right now. We are in the midst of a mobility transformation, which is bringing positive changes to both business and personal mobility. This path is being blazed by organizations that are invested in a more mobile, nimble, and sustainable option when it comes to transporting products or cargo.”


For example, the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle utilizes the RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike to transport equipment from various points in their facility. This is part of the Zoo's efforts to establish itself as a living showcase of sustainability. Dave Wilke of the Zoo commented on this partnership, "Woodland Park Zoo is committed to trying to forever reduce our carbon impact. Anything that we can do to improve our role and presence in the environment, we are going to chase. I fully anticipate that we will have multiple (RadBurros) in the future to utilize electric and renewable energies in

that way.”


SPUD, an organic food delivery service in Canada, is also making their operations more green with the help of the RadBurro. Reza Bafandeh of SPUD noted that, "Not only do we put the customer first but also the environment first. And sometimes, you know, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it might be a profitable move, but it’s the right move. And for the trike, it’s actually more economically friendly as well. Both for us, and the environment.”



Businesses generally have a larger carbon footprint than most individuals do. Thus, businesses have a greater opportunity than individuals do to make a positive impact on the environment by going electric. Not only is going green a more environmentally sustainable option, but it is also a more economically sustainable option as well. The total estimated cost to own one RadBurro over a five-year period is $13,924*. This includes the cost of the vehicle, maintenance, fuel, licensing, and insurance. The same cost breakdown for a standard cargo van over the same time period is $64,125*. There is now no excuse to not transition to a more fun, more economically friendly, and more environmentally sustainable transportation option!  


Whether you are a business or an individual, riding an ebike is not just a short-term investment. Riding an ebike is not just a way to travel more efficiently and further than ever before. Nor is an ebike just a new and exciting way to spend an afternoon with the family. An ebike is an investment for the future. It is one of the many ways to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere which in return makes for a sustainable future. A sustainable future that is suitable for many generations and species to come!



*More information about the cost comparison can be found here


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