Tech-Savvy Filmmakers Turn To Ebikes

Tech-Savvy Filmmakers Turn To Ebikes

Being a filmmaker on a budget can be tough, especially if you’re trying to capture awesome action shots that don't look like they were taken with a camcorder in a bounce house. 

While plenty of videographers have been obsessed with finding a low-cost way to get smooth, clean scenes of athletes on-the-go, one company has found a pretty elegant (and Rad!) solution: attach the camera to a RadMini. 



Michael Sutton, the Director of Development for the film equipment manufacturer Kessler, made the connection between ebikes and video after discovering the RadMini online.

"The bikes are affordable, compact, and they just look cool,” Sutton told us. “They're perfect for independent filmmakers.” 

After ordering two of the bikes, Sutton designed a mounting plate system for the front and back racks of the RadMini, one that includes shock modules to keep the camera still while the rider bobs along.

It also works on the front rack of any Rad Power Bikes model released after 2018, so if you're an aspiring filmmaker with a RadWagon or a RadRunner, you're in luck.



According to Kessler, bringing ebikes into the world of film tech caught on quickly.  

“We’ve been bombarded by a lot of pro BMXers, skateboarders, and people who do urban filmmaking. They all really liked the concept of using the camera plate with a RadMini or a RadRover," Sutton said. “We've also got a lot of high-end filmmakers who usually focus on rigging and aerials that have bought the system and are using it on pretty big commercials.”



It seemed like a natural fit for those looking for a solid alternative to pricey car mounts or hard-to-operate drones. Others found it to be a helpful tool for shooting incognito, especially since the entire package just looks like a bike at first glance.

“You can film things without drawing a lot of attention to actors,” Sutton explained. “When you’re done, you just fold it up, throw it in the trunk, go to the next location, and start filming again.”

And just like our ebikes, the camera-kit combination is proving to be incredibly versatile. 

"We have people mounting GoPros to the plate,” Sutton said. "It doesn't necessarily have to be these big expensive camera rigs." 

Which raises a good question: With two hands on the handlebars and a camera rolling, how will you tell your story?




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