How to Pick the Best Bike Helmet for You

How to Pick the Best Bike Helmet for You

Wearing a helmet is one of the smartest steps you can take as a cyclist. In fact, when used properly, this one little accessory is 85-88 percent effective in protecting your noggin!

There are a lot of helmet options out there, but how do you find the best one for you? Here are a few tips from our team.


Get the Right Fit

The ABUS Hyban 2.0 is a perfect everyday bike helmet.


If you’ve ever been stumped trying to decide between a small, medium, or large helmet, there’s an easy way to figure it out.

Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of your head starting at approximately 1 cm above your eyebrows. Once you find it, you can compare those measurements to the size recommendations listed by the manufacturer either online or on the box.

Once you pick your size, adjust the straps until you get a snug, comfortable fit, leaving no space between the interior padding and your head. The side straps should make a “V” shape around your ears and the chin straps should be tight enough to only allow up to two fingers between the strap and your chin.


Pick a Helmet that Complements your Ride

The Bern Allston Helmet is at home on both the bike path and city streets.


Where and when will you be riding?

If you’re planning to hit the trail in hot, sunny weather, pick one that provides for adequate airflow. If you’re riding at night or in an area that gets a lot of fog (we’re looking at you San Francisco …), you might want to consider a helmet that has a built-in light for added visibility. And if you’re looking for extra peace of mind, some helmets have MIPS, a technology designed to reduce harmful rotational damage.

You can also stock up on different helmets for different seasons. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra one on-hand either. You should never use a helmet after it gets cracked or damaged, so having a spare back at home can help keep you riding safely if something happens to your old standby.


Go With a Helmet You’ll Actually Want to Wear

The Bern Niño and Bern Tigre are designed for kids and available now through Rad Power Bikes!


Sure, style isn’t as important as safety, but when you have a helmet that’s comfortable and makes you look good, you’re going to be more likely to wear it consistently.

This is especially important for the kids who’ll be riding with you, since cyclists under 14 are at five times greater risk for accidents. Getting them a helmet they’ll be excited to wear is a great way to encourage some safe habits early on.


Just Wear a Helmet

Don't get too bogged down by the options. You don't have to buy one from us, but as long as you’re wearing a certified bike helmet that fits, you’ve already made the right choice. Kudos to you for using your head!


Ready to pick your helmet? In addition to the Abus Hyban 2.0  Rad Power Bikes now offers Bern helmets — including the Bern Niño and Bern Tigre for kids! 

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