Introducing Rad Pets: Accessories for the Fur Friends in your Life

A cute dog sits in a RadRunner's front basket

Have you ever noticed that life’s more fun when you get to bring your best friend along for the ride? That’s particularly true when your special buddy happens to be of the furry, four-legged variety. 

At Rad, we’re crazy about our pets, and we're tired of leaving them at home whenever we head out for a spin on our electric bikes — especially since they always give us those sad puppy dog eyes on our way out the door.

So naturally, we put our heads together to come up with a pawesome solution: a brand-new lineup of pet accessories!

Two pictures of small dog, one where he is nestled in Rad's new pet carrier and the other where he is by the Rad Power Bikes portable water dish.


From carriers to portable water bowls, chew toys, and kerchiefs, we were sure these items were going to get some tails wagging. But it never hurts to get a second opinion from a bone-afide expert, so for that we turned to the big dog himself: Lee Asher.

Pet adoption advocate Lee Asher on his RadRover. 3 dogs join him in his front and rear baskets.
You may know Lee from social media. Since 2018, he’s been the driving force behind The Asher House, a project that has him traveling across the country in a bus with 10 "very, very active" dogs to promote pet adoption. 

The joy that Asher brings to his mission is reflected in the cadre of pups he surrounds himself with. They include canine superstars like Bo, a 6-year-old chocolate lab that's the alpha of the pack, and Butters, a scrappy little chihuahua that was rescued from a life on the streets.

We were eager to see if this lovable gang would approve of our new accessories, so we gave them all a sneak peek. It turns out they were a big hit with both Asher and his pals.

"They're genius," Asher told us at the end of his first trial run. "The dogs loved the chew toys, and I gotta say, we were all fans of the kerchiefs."

But it was the ebike accessories that really raised the woof.

You see, Asher's no stranger to the Rad life. When he's on the road, he'll usually strap his RadRover electric fat bike onto the back of his bus, just in case he needs to go on a quick errand or summon help in an emergency. 

When he's at home, though, he turns to it for fun, both for him and his dogs.  

"When you're the leader of a pack, you're responsible for making sure that you're keeping your dogs active every single day," he explained. "And what's so cool about a Rad bike is that you can be exhausted, jump on the bike, let your dogs chase you around, and not have to work too hard. It gives them the workout of a lifetime while you're just chilling, riding this awesome bike around. It's like a gift from the dog gods." 

Sometimes the smaller dogs tire out more quickly than their larger friends. With the new carriers, though, they're able to join in for the entire ride.

A collection of dogs enjoy pet accessories on a RadRover. Two others share a drink in a water bowl. 

"The chihuahua doesn't like running after the bike, but he has the best time sitting in the front basket," he said. "It's super comfortable for him. I love the padding you guys used. With some of the other stuff I've tried, you need to put a towel or a blanket in it to keep them happy. You don't have to do that with this."

Asher was quick to note that he'd be bringing the accessories on the road with him, especially once he can start attending adoption events and visiting shelters on a more regular basis.  

"Every dog, no matter what, deserves a home," Asher told us when we caught up with him at his home in South Lake Tahoe. "But when you go to a shelter, every single dog in there wants to go home with you so, so badly."

"Hitting the road with that message though isn't always easy, especially when you're traveling with dogs who need a lot of exercise in between stops," he added. "Accessories like these make that all a lot simpler. They're literally perfect."

Pet and human-approved? It doesn't get more fetching than that! 

Three chihuahuas share a basket on a RadRover. 

Ready to start sharing some quality time on the trail with your friend? Check out our pet accessories for yourself!




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