We're Spending Black Friday Outdoors. You Should Too.

We're Spending Black Friday Outdoors. You Should Too.

At Rad, we've decided to make Black Friday different this year. Sure, our Holiday Sale will still be running online, but we're closing the office and giving all of our employees an extra paid day off. We may not be able to gather or travel, but we can still get outside and ride Rad.

Here’s why that’s important to us, and why we hope you’ll also take some time over the long weekend to join us outdoors.

It's Important to Reset 

Before the pandemic, the average adult spent nearly 11 hours each day staring into some kind of a screen. We can imagine that number’s gone up in recent months, especially since so much of the in-person interaction we all use to enjoy has migrated online.

Making this all the more troubling, it turns out there are a myriad of health issues that come with too much screentime, including joint pain, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye strain.

When you head outside, you have a prime opportunity to reset. Getting some fresh air can boost your immune systemimprove your concentration, and maybe even help your vision.

See how electric bikes are helping people get more green time and less screen time.

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Getting Outside Is a Valuable Mental Health Tool

Social distancing can be isolating, and seeing an onslaught of scary headlines and daunting COVID-19 facts and figures every day doesn't help allay feelings of anxiety or unease.

Physical activity has been shown to improve people’s mood, but getting outdoors provides some unique benefits, especially if you’re spending a few carefree hours cycling.

"Cycling seems to give something extra," Dr. Nick Cavill, an independent public health consultant and researcher at the University of Bristol, told us. "There's a feeling of freedom, the ability to choose your own route and go where you like, and the ability to get physically a long way from home in a short amount of exercise time compared to a run or walk.”

See how electric bikes can help you elevate your mood.

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It’s a Safer Way to Have Fun 

While COVID-19 has changed the way a lot of us have fun (goodbye live music …), the CDC continues to recognize outdoor activities as a safer way to have a good time.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that people everywhere are turning to electric bikes to help them navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and rediscover life's little joys.

Check out a few common sense steps that can help you stay safe when you're out there on the trail.

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Will you be spending time outdoors this Black Friday? We want to hear from you! Share your ride with us on social media using the hashtag #RideRad for a chance to win a free Rad Power Bikes sweatshirt! *

*No purchase necessary. Giveaway applicable to riders 18 and over in the continental U.S. only. Some restrictions may apply.


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