Bowhunting with Jay Gregory | Rad Stories

On his long-running Sportsman Channel show "The Wild Outdoors," bowhunter and host Jay Gregory uses ebikes for scouting and bowhunting without a sound or scent.

"Rad Stories" is a series by Rad Power Bikes that showcases the many ways ebikes can be used for business, pleasure, and everything in between.

"The Wild Outdoors" is a show that's been on The Sportsman Channel for 28 years, and its host Jay Gregory is somewhat of a legend in the bowhunting space.

Consistency and strategy are key to tracking game year after year, and in this episode, we hear how Gregory uses ebikes over ATVs to save on money, noise, and scent when scouting and hunting across the Midwest with his family.


 This is his Rad story.


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