Rad Power Bikes Vs. Other Ebikes

Some ebikes are Rad. Others are ... well, simply not.


Rad has 15 years of experience. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

Our founder Mike Radenbaugh built his first ebike in 2007, and kicked off the fat-tire craze with the original RadRover eight years later.

We’ve been able to channel those years of experience into ebikes that we’re proud to put up against anything else in the market – including those really pricey ones you’ll see from some high-end companies.

And to make sure you can keep the ride going, every ebike comes with a one-year warranty backed by Rad, North America’s largest ebike brand.

What's not Rad

A lot of electric bike companies followed in our footsteps, and make models that look suspiciously like ours. What's that they say about imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?

Customer Service

Rad has a full team of experts. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

We have a U.S.-based team of experts ready to help you pick a model, troubleshoot maintenance issues, or service your ebike at Rad Retail stores across the country.

And if you’re looking to take a free test ride, they can guide you through the ins and outs of each model.

Have a question? You can chat with a member of our team online.

What's not Rad

​​Some companies that pop-up selling really cheap ebikes don’t offer service and will leave you hanging if you have an issue.

What we can say is that the ebike pros at Electrek note that Rad has the “largest customer service team in the industry, and second place isn’t even close.”


Rad goes the distance. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

We list out each ebike's range per charge – but sometimes you can go even farther!

We provide conservative estimates based on real-world riding conditions. We’d rather have you be surprised when you hit 60 miles than be stranded after 45.

What's not Rad

Technically, an ebike’s range can be limitless – just as long as you never turn it on and rely solely on pedaling.

We're not naming names, but we have a sneaking suspicion that some ebike brands use this little loophole to promise more, but not deliver.


Rad embraces safety. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

We are laser-focused on safety. That's why we design our bikes and accessories to exceed safety and quality standards.

Rad’s team of product designers and engineers design our ebikes in-house at our headquarters in Seattle, WA. That's also where our Research & Development team has a lab dedicated to testing and validation to ensure safety and reliability.

The product development process can take up to 2 years with approximately 60% of that time spent in analysis and validation testing to make sure that each Rad ebike meets our high standards, as well as compliance with all relevant regulations.

In addition to our internal testing, all of our bikes are rigorously tested by third-party laboratories prior to release, and a quality control team that oversees the manufacturing process. We even give every single model a short test ride before we send it your way.

And for extra peace of mind, we require all riders to be over 16 years old to operate our ebikes.

What's not Rad

Some of the other ebike brands have smaller teams, which results in less eyes on every bike. Others simply don't have longterm ambitions, and are more focused on just pushing out an ebike, regardless of how well it will perform.


Rad keeps you unique. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

Whether it's an electric cargo bike, a folding ebike, or even an etrike, we build versatile, multi-purpose ebikes designed for whatever it is you love to do.
But giving you a one-of-a-kind riding experience doesn't end there.
With our lineup of accessories designed in-house to complement Rad ebikes, there’s no end to ways you can customize your ride.
Plus, every item we offer has been tested to ensure it works with our ebikes, so you’ll never have to waste time guessing whether that neat mirror or set of fenders you found elsewhere is compatible.
You can even see what our accessories will look like on your ride with our ebike customizer.

What's not Rad

Some ebike brands solely use third-party accessories, which we think takes away from the uniqueness of a Rad ebike.
Some other ebike brands just don't anticipate the ways you'll want use your ebike, and they fall short of offering the accessories you'll need to make it happen.


Rad has fast, free shipping. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

If there's one thing we hate, it's being slapped with a surprise fee when placing an order.

That's why we offer fast, free shipping for all ebikes.

In general, our in-stock ebikes ship within two business days, so you can spend more time riding and less time waiting.

What's not Rad

Not always fast. Not always free. Some of the other ebike brands will charge to send you your ebike, and take their time getting it out of their warehouse.


Rad has over half-a-million riders and counting. Some ebike brands don't.

What's Rad

Have you heard about the acrobat who lost his leg and turned to a RadRunner to stay riding? Or what about the barber who uses a RadWagon to perform house calls?

They're all members of North America's largest ebike community.

When you ride Rad, you’ll be riding with fun-loving, free-thinking folks from all walks of life. And when you run into them on the trail, you’ll have a lot to talk about.

What's not Rad

Some brands don't have retail stores where you can mingle with fellow riders over a test ride or free in-person class. They also don't all have a refer a friend program, where you can help your next riding buddy get a discount on their ebike.

We have nothing against riders who use non-Rad electric bikes, but we think it's safe to say that some of the other brands simply don't have the same emphasis on community that we do.

And by the way, we're always happy to welcome new members.